Al-Nasser urges for 5G adoption across industries to revive economy

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STC group CEO and Chairman SAMENA Council, Nasser Al-Nasser has called on CITC leaders to work closely together on addressing present-day challenges, and to make full use of future opportunities, while staying safe and remaining optimistic about the future, while facing challenging in the industry.

He confirmed that 5G adoption across various sectors and industries to revive the economy and renew investment planning, “adopting 5G is an opportunity to reap is timely benefits across all industries that are at the forefront of our socio-economic recovery efforts, following the debilitating effects of the pandemic”.

He said, in his keynote speech among the public and private-sector leaders, congregated by SAMENA Council, in SAMENA Council’s Leaders’ Summit 2020, under the title: “5G + X: Harnessing 5G across Industries for Investment Revival,. “This certainly is a new digital communication experience for all of us, and I, as Chairman of SAMENA Council, hope that this would prove to be a worthwhile effort, given the complexity of this leadership event, which is being held with the esteemed patronage of the TRA UAE”. Al-Nasser Said.

In addition to the many challenges COVID-19 has presented, Al-Nasser reaffirmed that CITC industry leaders need to accelerated cooperation-building, which require unprecedented level of mutual engagement, participation, collective wisdom, and exchange of expertise.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown clearly what the availability of telecom networks does to contribute to better managing and living through the tough times. Apart from quick reactionary responses and measures taken by Telecom Operators with respect to ensuring connectivity and quality-of-service, COVID-19 applications to track & trace new infections have been very helpful.

Chairman of SAMENA Council, Nasser Al-Nasser Added: “emergency decisions taken over the past six months have indeed laid a foundation for a 5G Cultural Shift, with all necessary mindsets, practices, capabilities, attitudes required to be in place for treading the next decade of connectivity and connectedness, until we fulfill the Connect 2030 global agenda.

The new 5G networks promise a multitude of life-changing smart solutions across a spectra of tasks and roles. It is therefore essential to understand how 5G and various allied technologies, including, AI, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, IoT, among others, can impact and change our societies and how they can be meaningfully and constructively introduced to benefit all stakeholders in an inclusive manner.

The collaboration required between CITC leaders include well- responses among Operators and Regulators, including the release of additional spectrum on temporary bases to ensure sufficient network capacity. He explained: “The implementation of extensions of deadlines on a temporary basis and the facilitation of license renewals for vital digital service providers; temporary loosening of traffic management rules and prioritization of critical digital services over the non-critical content , clearly demonstrate”.