AIS Thailand Selects Avaya to Deliver Unique Customer Experiences


Advanced Info Service (AIS) Public Company Limited, Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator, has upgraded its customer contact center system to deliver a consistent, enhanced and personalized customer experience for its growing subscriber base.

Leveraging the Avaya self-service solution, Advanced Contact Center Co., Ltd., (ACC), representing “AIS Call Center ACC,” has streamlined customer care, enhanced personalized live agent support and reduced operational costs at its contact centers located in Bangkok and Korat, Thailand. The centers currently employ 3,300 customer service employees, serving 40 million subscribers nationwide.


Smart phone users in Thailand are expected to reach 20 million in 2016, and this number is expected to further soar with the introduction of 4G commercial services this year. Demand for more sophisticated, seamless and highly reliable broadband connectivity from business is also expected to escalate as Thailand’s digital economy accelerates.

ACC saw the digital transformation of its contact center as a critical enabler in the new economy. The new self-service system from Avaya will help ensure a consistent customer experience for AIS’s 11 million calls it receives every month through its contact centers.


The new Avaya solution now routes up to 70 percent of all customer calls through the self-service system. Customers welcomed this capability, which allows them to gain access to services such as activating their SIM card, subscribing to roaming services or even choosing their choice of rewards, without being put on long queues.

In the past, each customer call routed to a live agent could cost between 50 to 100. In contrast, the new system means that each call costs only 1 baht.

The new system also enables ACC to identify and categorize customer AIS’s calls and the services required before matching them with the right agents trained to support specific service requests or customer types. Coupled with the shorter wait time, the new system has significantly improved the experience for callers on the AIS customer service.

“As a leading player in the contact center space, we trust that Avaya has the experience and expertise to deliver the solution that we need,” said Jaiporn Srisakul, Managing Director, Advanced Contact Center. “Our partnership with Avaya is based on three key success factors that both companies believe in; Technology, Process Excellence and People. Together with Avaya, we will continue to push the boundaries and shape the multi-media communications market in Thailand through innovation, customer experience, technology and people.”

“The recently approved National Digital Economy Master Plan will require businesses in Thailand to become more agile and connected. Mobile subscribers in Thailand are projected to reach 2.4 billion in 2020. Telcos such as ACC must have the right technology that will help them cope with the increased demand from an expanded volume of users, demanding faster, more sophisticated services. Together with ACC, Avaya is helping in the nation’s journey towards Digital Thailand. We are fully committed to supporting AIS Thailand in their pursuit of customer service excellence through the provision and innovation of cutting-edge network and engagement solutions,” said Bundhit Vongbuntoon, Country Manager, ACC.

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