AIS Picks TCS to Help Thai Manufacturers Adopt 5G-Enabled IoT


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced a partnership with AIS, Thailand’s largest telecom operator, to help manufacturers adopt IoT solutions based on 5G smart network technology.

The collaboration combines AIS’ leadership in telecommunications services in Thailand and TCS’ vast portfolio of intellectual property and expertise in IT consulting to help Thai enterprises accelerate their growth and transformation using TCS’ 5G-enabled IoT offerings. These solutions will be jointly marketed to customers in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, transport and property/ smart city.

TCS’ IoT Smart Manufacturing Solutions leverage next-gen technologies such as digital twins, to enhance operational resilience, improve customer experience, and drive innovation across the manufacturing value chain. Offerings include:

Smart Manufacturing: Solutions for industrial plants to connect production lines with 5G network within the factory and IoT devices such as condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, remote diagnostics, digital twin, and more.

TCS Clever Energy™: An enterprise-level energy and emissions management system, powered by IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud, that helps commercial and industrial organizations drive energy and cost efficiency, decrease carbon emissions, and become more sustainable.

TCS Gen 4-Work-AR: An IoT based connected worker mixed reality solution to provide real-time contextual information for better decision support, to empower employees to work remotely with cutting edge technology such as AR/VR to supervise work, train employees, give advice about work or even solve on job site problems promptly.

TCS Logistics Optimizer: A unique AI & ML-based IoT solution built to synchronize the operations in the Supply Chain management process and enhances visibility across the value-chain. It is a proven solution that helps reduce logistics costs and drives e­fficiency across the network through resource optimization & increased On-Time delivery

Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, AIS, said: “This is an important opportunity for us to work with our global partner TCS to create next generation high-speed IoT solutions that help advance and enhance core industries such as manufacturing. Together we are creating important new digital services that can help our customers improve operations, capacity and competitiveness. Furthermore, we are pleased to be offering IoT services that will help advance Thai core industry with a focus on manufacturing, contributing to the national economic rebound and growth.”

“Forward-thinking manufacturers are deploying IoT strategically to enable new business models, enhance customer experience, make their value chains more responsive, and drive growth,” said Vijaya Pandya, Country Head, TCS Thailand. “TCS is pleased to partner with AIS to further accelerate our go-to-market capabilities for our exciting range of IoT-based business solutions that will enhance Thailand’s industrial sector.”