Airtel strengthens Airtel X labs portfolio with acquihire of Quikmile

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Bharti Airtel, India’s largest integrated telecommunications company, has announced the acquihire of Gurgaon based startup Quikmile, which focuses on building tech-enabled logistics platforms for India.

Quikmile’s team will now be a part of Airtel X Labs – Airtel’s digital innovation factory, which focuses on IoT, Digital Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The Airtel X Labs team comprises of top-notch professionals from India and abroad.

Airtel X Labs is building cutting-edge digital capabilities to serve the emerging needs of Digital India and is rapidly scaling up its teams and scope of work.

Started in 2018, Quikmile aims to leverage the power of digital technology to transform India’s highly disorganized logistics sector and bring efficiency, quality, and safety to fleet owners. This includes easy monitoring of fleet minutiae such as engine behavior, tire conditions, mileage, etc. to remove transportation puzzles such as route planning, demand forecasting, analysing vehicular performance, organised achievement of targets.

It also resolves manpower issues through monitoring of driver behavior by tracking complex data to basic information such as distance travelled per day, maximum and average speed, harsh braking, etc.

Harmeen Mehta, Global CIO and Director – Engineering, Bharti Airtel said: “At Airtel X Labs, we are on an extremely exciting journey to build digital solutions for India’s unique requirements. As we scale up our team with world-class talent, we are thrilled to welcome the Quikmile team as part of Airtel X Labs. India is now amongst the largest economies in the world but has a highly disorganized and inefficient logistics sector. We see a massive opportunity to solve problems for this segment through scalable technology solutions and workforce management platforms that will make organisations much more efficient.”

Airtel used’s AI Talent Platform to discover, engage and close this acquihire.