Airtel India Taps Ceragon to Support Rural Network Expansion

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Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”) has selected Ceragon’s products and services for additional 4G network expansions beginning first quarter of 2020.

Airtel is looking to increase its network capacity to address growing demand for broadband amidst sharp rise in data consumption across India. Airtel is also looking to increase 4G network capacity in urban areas and expand its coverage in rural regions as well as prepare for its future evolution to 5G. Ceragon is working closely with Airtel to pursue rapid deployment of its microwave radios, as best it can, considering India’s recent temporary lockdown.

As a long standing Ceragon customer, Airtel selected Ceragon’s all-outdoor multicore solution and related services for the exceptional flexibility they offer for fast network deployment.

With Ceragon’s flexible wireless hauling solutions, using compact all-outdoor dual-carriers microwave radios, Airtel can quickly respond to surge in network capacity demands, and prepare for long-term network capacity growth. In fact, it can do so faster than ever before and with less costly site acquisitions thanks to a significantly reduced environmental footprint and energy consumption. Additionally, Airtel can improve efficiency of scarce backhaul spectrum via Ceragon’s multicore technology with upto 1Gbps capacity. With Ceragon’s proven professional services for its network deployment across numerous markets, Airtel can roll-out hundreds of sites each week.

“As an established strategic partner of Airtel for over a decade, Ceragon delivers innovative technology, products and services that enable us to achieve quick and dynamic network deployments”, said Randeep Sekhon, Chief Technology Officer of Airtel. “Ceragon’s wireless hauling solutions and services allow us to quickly adapt to our customers’ changing needs and deliver higher speeds with reliable, first-time-right rollouts.”

“Ceragon’s proven performance and reliability continue to make it’s multicore all-outdoor solutions and network rollout services the ideal, go-to-choice for operators worldwide who are looking to densify and expand their 4G networks, as well as evolve to 5G,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “Ceragon is committed to supporting Airtel during these challenging times, and as it continues to implement its long-term network development plan to gain market-share across India”.