Airspan Networks Joins Competitive Carriers Association

Airspan Logo

Airspan Networks has joined Competitive Carriers Association, in an effort to address and serve the needs of its members by offering award-winning 4G/ 5G hardware and software solutions.

Airspan’s product portfolio includes a range of high-power macro platforms based on flexible open RAN standards perfectly suited to address specific deployment scenarios of rural and regional US carriers.

“We are delighted to welcome Airspan Networks to CCA,” said CCA President & CEO Steven K. Berry. “CCA’s associate members play an integral role in the competitive carrier ecosystem, and Airspan Networks’ expertise and innovative solutions will certainly be a valuable addition for the entire membership.”

Airspan is a US based RAN vendor with 25 years of experience providing innovation to Tier 1 operators across the globe. Its most recent experiences of commercializing some of the world’s most ambitious greenfield deployments for 4G VoLTE enabled and 5G open RAN networks make it the perfect candidate to satisfy the requirements of the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program.

“Airspan is delighted to join CCA and is committed to bring its experience and resources to help CCA’s carriers address the challenges ahead during these critical times. Our mission is to provide US carriers with the essential tools to ensure a competitive and secure connectivity platform for their customers. Disaggregated and open architectures are already dramatically reducing major operators’ total cost of ownership, despite propaganda from the Nordic monolithic OEM suppliers, who have traditionally charged rural America top dollar for second tier service, driving them toward the now banned Chinese alternatives,” said Airspan Networks CEO Eric Stonestrom.

CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. Members range from small, rural carriers serving fewer than 5,000 customers to regional and nationwide providers serving millions of customers, as well as vendors and suppliers that provide products and services throughout the wireless communications ecosystem.