Africa’s Tier 1 Operator Drives Network Expansion with Ceragon’s IP-20 Long Haul solution


Ceragon Networks Ltd., the global wireless backhaul specialist, has announced that a Tier 1 mobile operator in Africa is investing approximately $4 million to expand its large scale Ceragon-based backbone network, deploying the IP-20 Platform Long Haul solution.

The solution will provide hybrid 3G connectivity, and in the future full packet-based 4G connectivity, to remote locations, bridging the digital divide between rural and urban regions.

Challenged with the need to quickly and efficiently provision telecommunication services, the operator searched for a solution capable of providing wireless links at long distances with the smallest possible footprint to lower tower leasing costs, minimal use of frequencies and equipment, as well as a simple modernization path to a full packet-based backbone. To maximize service availably and customer experience, the operator also searched for a solution capable of providing high capacity and low latency, as well as meeting its current 3G and future 4G needs.

The operator chose to deploy the Ceragon IP-20LH solution for its exceptional high transmit power capabilities, offering longer reach across wide sections of the country and the benefit of using smaller antennas for improved total cost of ownership (TCO). With its unique multicore technology, available only by Ceragon, the IP-20LH allows for the unprecedented distribution of SDH traffic, combined with Ethernet traffic, on all radio channels. This unique technology reduces the number of frequency channels needed for the backbone, as well as enables the deployment of fewer wireless backbone transmission units thereby greatly increasing available network capacity and lowering latency – providing a remarkable TCO advantage.

“We are pleased to continue this important relationship and gratified that this operator has chosen to deploy our IP-20 platform”, said Ira Palti, Ceragon’s president and CEO. “This demonstrates the exceptional benefits our solution offers for backbone infrastructures by enabling the operator to improve service availability while maintaining a close watch on network total cost of ownership. Our unique field-proven multicore technology has once again proven to be a key factor operators consider as they plan their network for the years to come.”