Advantages of Cloud Computing in 5G Era

5G Network Innovations

As we move towards a scenario wherein most of the global telecom operators are embracing the next generation networks in the form of 5G – Cloud Computing will have a new meaning and will deliver new generation experiences in digital gaming, digitally enabled manufacturing, digital healthcare and drive digital enablement to a new level.

Countries such as US and Canada are on the forefront of rolling out 5G networks and applications such as digital healthcare in Canada or online Casino in Canada or digitally driven 5G-enabled manufacturing in US have all become a reality today.

The perfectly 5G-attuned mobile devices and the continuously increasing demand for high data rates and mobility, which are required by several mobile network services, enabled the research on fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks that are being deployed supporting services and applications with more than one thousand times of today’s network traffic.

The Cloud Advantage

Most of the proponents of 5G strongly believe that the arrival of 5G will result in a time when cloud computing is essential rather than optional.

The 5G network’s speed should be 10 times faster than what the 4G network allows. That improvement opens unlimited possibilities for far-away sensors to instantly give updates about the connected devices over cloudified networks.

Cloud networks will become more advanced and complex

5G networks will become more complicated than they are now. Investments to make that happen are already underway, thereby increasing the relevance of cloud networks in the near future.

An autonomous car would need extremely speedy cloud driven network in order to receive and deploy signals at a very fast rate primarily because characteristics in a car’s environment could change by the second. in such a scenario, processing data at the cloud level will hold the big key to success in a 5G era. Similarly gaming industry, healthcare industry and manufacturing industry will see critical cloud applications running over 5G networks.

Addressing Security Issues

With 5G set to drive a new era of IoT adoption, enterprises need to think about the possibility of new security vulnerabilities and hence, business leaders must be mindful that there are still a lot of specifics to work out regarding the 5G network and edge computing.

Thus, it’s too early to know for sure about the specific ways that 5G era cloud networks will get more complicated, but evidence suggests it’ll happen soon and be device-specific.

The 5G network will undoubtedly pave the way for the introduction of new technologies — such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT) etc. Moving forward these technologies will become the glue on which 5G and cloud will integrate and a lot of adoption will happen over existing cloud networks.


As we move towards a data-centric world – this overview shows that the cloud networks are essential for helping the 5G reach its full potential and meet everyone’s already-high expectations for it.

Moving forward, more and more people will use cloud networks for their 5G technologies and drive great experiences in applications such as healthcare, gaming, manufacturing, robotics and education.