ADVA wins MEF 3.0 PoC Awards on AI, SD-WAN

SD-WAN Innovation

ADVA has jointly won two awards at the MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase. The honors recognize innovation and leadership with emerging services and technologies involving AI, SD-WAN, service automation and more.

The Judge’s Choice Award for the best overall PoC was presented to a multi-vendor solution using ADVA’s Ensemble NFV suite to deliver personalized and automatically generated live video content over optimized network slices.

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Leveraging AI video technology and uCPE hosting SD-WAN, the demo showed how service providers can meet demand for unique immersive experiences of events such as live sports.

ADVA also won the Market Game Changer Award, recognizing the largest potential impact on the service provider market. This was presented for its collaboration on a PoC using ADVA Ensemble software to enable multi-edge cloud services. This technology will be key to empowering enterprises to provide low-latency, high-throughput applications such as smart factories and industrial IoT.

“Our award-winning demo, Revolutionizing Live Events, illustrates how cable network operators can deliver exciting new services in an entirely original way. We’ve shown that it’s now possible to offer a unique, differentiated experience of live events that puts audiences at the heart of the action. Sports or music fans could soon be selecting their own viewing angles and receiving coverage that automatically zooms and tracks in real time. And for service providers, this points to a simple and cost-effective way of enabling high-volume, high-margin entertainment services,” said James Buchanan, GM, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “We’ve shown that utilizing uCPE and network slicing over enterprise networks can transform the way video content is produced and distributed. This cloud-based, virtualized approach opens the door to new levels of flexibility and automation for video services. What’s more, it highlights the potential of uCPE as a platform for innovation ready to unleash an array of new applications and business models.”

Featuring ADVA’s Ensemble suite of NFV software, the Revolutionizing Live Events PoC highlighted new opportunities for service providers to meet the growing expectations of sports and entertainment audiences. Driven by compute-based AI/ML, MEF-defined network slicing and lightweight uCPE running SD-WAN, the demo showed how network resources can be utilized to provide automated, highly personalized video content.

ADVA’s other award-winning PoC was the Orchestrated Multi-Edge Clouds demo. For this, the Ensemble NFV suite was deployed to manage and orchestrate SD-WAN, IoT, 5G networking and other edge-cloud technologies, seamlessly enabling the distribution of smart manufacturing resources between on-premises and network edge cloud environments. This demo paves the way for enterprises to purchase mission-critical applications and services flexibly and on demand.

“Our multi-edge cloud MEF 3.0 PoC is a key step in helping businesses to improve operational efficiency as they continue to digitize and automate their processes. It shows how service providers can accelerate adoption of multi-edge cloud services through the orchestration of applications and connectivity on open edge compute platforms. Winning the Market Game Changer Award underlines the impact on enterprises of being able to instantly purchase applications such as IoT, SD-WAN and wireless network access from a single managed service provider and have them automatically deployed across multiple cloud platforms,” commented Mike Heffner, VP, product line management, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Using our Ensemble NFV software, this PoC proves that it’s now possible to relieve businesses of the responsibility and burden of multi-vendor system integration. This creates a major opportunity for service providers. They can offer on-demand, managed edge services and connectivity on open edge compute platforms that can be deployed in multiple locations. And, using advanced analytics, they can select the best edge location for IoT applications to meet SLAs.”

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