ADVA unlocks network potential with spectrum as a service


ADVA has launched a whole new way for communication service providers (CSPs) to drive more revenue from their already deployed fiber networks.

With spectrum as a service, CSPs can now slice the optical spectrum in their fiber infrastructure, just like radio spectrum in 5G networks. They can then sell different frequency blocks to different customers, enabling them to fully harness the untapped value in their networks.

Powered by ADVA’s FSP 3000 open line system (OLS), spectrum as a service is an entirely new approach for CSPs to utilize vast amounts of unused spectrum. By leveraging ADVA’s coherent optics, programmable flexgrid technology and intelligent network control, CSPs can start selling fully assured and differentiated optical spectrum services to their customers.

“Today we’re introducing a new way for CSPs to tackle skyrocketing data demand and diminishing margins. Optical spectrum in fiber networks can now be sliced and offered as differentiated services to multiple end users. This gives CSPs a completely fresh business case and a brand new area for revenue growth,” said Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA. “Our unique open line system is the key to realizing the full benefits of the spectrum-as-a-service approach. Its spectrum gateway functionality and advanced optical layer control empower CSPs to elastically allocate optical spectrum to services and deliver virtually unlimited capacity. What’s more, with optical spectrum services, CSPs can put their end customers in control like never before.”

The ADVA FSP 3000 OLS provides the optimum platform for spectrum-as-a-service offerings. It creates an open and scalable optical layer ready to accommodate evolving demand and the latest innovation.

With a modular design as well as multiple multiplexer and amplifier options, it’s engineered to meet the specific requirements of modern metro, core and DCI applications.

The ADVA FSP 3000 OLS removes the limits of the traditional fixed channel grid systems so that unused spectrum can be put to work. This approach also enables operators to take advantage of flexible resource utilization and future-proof their networks by avoiding unnecessary O/E/O conversions.

“Up until now, CSPs have been unable to monetize the vast amounts of unused spectrum in their networks. But thanks to advances in coherent optics, programmable flexgrid technology and intelligent network control, spectrum as a service is now a real and affordable option. CSPs can use the approach to unleash the full value of their fiber assets,” commented Jörg-Peter Elbers, SVP, advanced technology, ADVA.

“Following multiple spectrum-as-a-service proof-of-concepts involving several partners and spanning different network domains, we’re now removing the limits on fiber capacity for CSPs across the world. With this launch, we’re unlocking the potential of today’s fiber infrastructure and ushering in a new age of flexible, future-proof growth.”

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