ADVA, Saguna to Showcase Future of Mobile Edge Computing With Bezeq


ADVA Optical Networking and Saguna Networks will stage a joint demonstration with Bezeq International of a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) proof of concept (PoC) for enterprise services at MEC Congress.

Bezeq is Israel’s leading internet and international telecommunications services provider.

The PoC shows how mobile network operators can break up vendor lock-in and offer services to business customers that could not be offered with legacy mobile infrastructures.

The implementation of a MEC architecture involves opening the network for edge hosting of third-party mobile edge (ME) applications enabling services characterized by unprecedented low latency and significantly increased bandwidth efficiency.

This extends the applicability of mobile networks to a wide range of internet of things (IoT) and industrial control applications that significantly increase the value of mobile networks.


“To accelerate adoption of MEC, Saguna Networks is dedicated to creating a broad ecosystem addressing diverse market segment needs. The virtualized Saguna Open-RAN MEC platform provides ease of integration combined with the most advanced feature set,” said Danny Frydman, CTO, Saguna Networks. “We’re delighted to partner with ADVA Optical Networking and Bezeq International on the MEC PoC for enterprise services. This technology can provide the fast response times and scalability required for mobile-LAN, industrial IoT and machine-to-machine services.”

The PoC 5 Enterprise Services showcase reveals the viability and efficiency of an NFV-based open MEC architecture. ADVA Optical Networking is playing a key role in the industry-first MEC PoC demonstration, helping to highlight the value of openness and total interoperability in mobile networks.

The PoC is built on the ADVA FSP 150 ProVMe, a network edge computing platform for ME application and virtual network function hosting that combines compute resources with multiple technologies for connecting radio cell sites of any mobile network technology.

The Saguna Open-RAN is a MEC platform running on the edge compute device and creating a virtualized ecosystem for ME applications. It provides ME applications management, per-packet traffic steering, content acceleration and optimization services.

Together, ADVA Optical Networking and Saguna Networks are driving ME compute innovation with a strategy that wraps optimized synchronization, security and open MEC hosting into a consolidated enabling solution.

“This PoC for enterprise services is about service efficiency, speed of service innovation and increasing the value of installed mobile networks. Removing vendor-specific barriers at the edge of a mobile network will stimulate service creativity by providing an open platform for software application developers. That’s why we’re focusing on multi-vendor PoCs like this with partners who share our commitment to open networking,” commented Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, ADVA Optical Networking.

“Our FSP 150 ProVMe is the key to achieving seamless integration. There’s simply no other product on the market that comes close to its unique feature set and capabilities. Mobile network operators now have a MEC platform for extending services quickly and seamlessly with a device that also meets the comprehensive set of cell site connectivity requirements.”

Visitors to the MEC Congress in Munich can see the showcase at the ETSI PoC Zone from September 20 until 22.