ADVA Optical Networking Appoints Ulrich Dopfer as New CFO


ADVA Optical Networking has appointed Ulrich Dopfer as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective January 1, 2015. Ulrich Dopfer will take over the role of CFO and president of our North American subsidiary from Jaswir Singh, who has served in this position since 2007.

Ulrich Dopfer, previously the company’s vice president of financial planning & analysis and corporate services has served in various financial and business roles at ADVA Optical Networking since 2004. Jaswir Singh left ADVA Optical Networking on December 31, 2014. Christoph Glingener, who has been serving as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) since 2007, will take over ADVA Optical Networking’s industry leading operations team headed by Paulus Bucher, senior vice president global operations, in order to integrate research and development, new product introduction and global operations into a unified development operations team.

“As we optimize our company for success in a challenging macroeconomic environment, changes to our management board reflect our promise to ADVA Optical Networking’s shareholders, to continue to optimize our costs, add flexibility to our operations capacity and invest appropriately in revenue-generating activities, key ingredients for sustainable growth,” stated Brian Protiva, Chief Executive Officer of ADVA Optical Networking. “Dopfer is the right fit and the right Chief Financial Officer to lead ADVA Optical Networking in a new market dynamic, determined by fierce competition and rapid innovation. His tenacity, fresh perspective and overwhelming support from our employees will enable us to approach the coming years with the best ideas and the soundest strategy possible. A proven leader, Ulrich Dopfer brings valuable business instinct and dedication to our organization to further develop the structures and processes necessary to support profitable growth. We are very excited and look forward to adding Dopfer‘s leadership and talent to our executive team.”

“Jaswir Singh was a key member of ADVA Optical Networking’s Management Board and was instrumental in driving the company’s growth and profitability over the past seven years. Furthermore, under Singh’s leadership, ADVA Optical Networking today demonstrates a sound balance sheet, deemed best-in-class in the industry, consistently achieving record levels of gross cash and net liquidity. I thank Jaswir for his excellent service and dedication to ADVA Optical Networking and wish him all the best in his new endeavor.”

Ulrich Dopfer, a ten-year ADVA Optical Networking veteran, led the Company through some key financial initiatives taking increasing responsibility since he joined in 2004. Dopfer strategically optimized major processes, systems and support infrastructure, enabling ADVA Optical Networking to maintain the right balance between vision and execution. He brings to the ADVA Optical Networking management board extensive financial and operational experience and will take over global responsibility for all finance, accounting, controlling, legal and commercial affairs, IT, investor relations and support for M&A activities. Combining his operational expertise with his vast financial skills and strong leadership style, Ulrich provides ADVA Optical Networking with the ability to flexibly steer the Company in a volatile, high-growth environment with an energy and enthusiasm that has enabled him to lead and motivate a growing global team.

“I am honored to join ADVA Optical Networking’s management board, leading the company through its next phase. The Company continues its focus to driving change and creating new opportunities. We will streamline the organizational structure, improve cost management and increase profitability. ADVA Optical Networking’s team continues to impress me with its endurance, strength and a determination to outperform,” stated Dopfer. “I love working with people and I am a big fan of teamwork. We will be successful by empowering the right talent in the right positions. I look forward to helping set the strategic future direction of the company and to help drive positive change, delivering the highest value to ADVA Optical Networking’s stakeholders.”