ADVA achieves MEF 3.0 CE certification with smallest cell site gateway


ADVA has announced that its FSP 150-GO102Pro Series is among the first technologies to receive MEF 3.0 CE certification. Compliance with the new specification demonstrates that ADVA’s Carrier Ethernet (CE) and IP service demarcation solution supports the transformation to automated networking and can be used to build 5G-ready architectures.

Going beyond the widely adopted CE 2.0, the latest standards verify that products and services offer the highest available levels of performance, assurance and agility in the industry. The certification highlights how ADVA’s edge devices enable operators to roll out the next generation of mobile connectivity and wholesale services.

“Congratulations to ADVA on the landmark achievement of MEF 3.0 CE certification, which specifies the highest industry standards for performance and assurance. Attaining this certification demonstrates not only that ADVA’s compact network edge technology complies with MEF 3.0 CE E-Line and Access E-Line standards but also that it’s optimized for automation, virtualization and interoperability,” said Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF. “With our MEF 3.0 program, we’re certifying a new class of technology designed to support dynamic services across automated networks and to pave the way for application-aware, self-organizing networks.”

Suitable for deployment in space-restrictive locations and challenging environmental conditions, the ADVA FSP 150-GO102Pro Series offers a unique combination of CE and IP features together with the advanced timing capabilities required for 5G.

It comes with standardized SDN interfaces and features a comprehensive set of tools for quick and easy service activation, testing and monitoring. The solution also empowers operators to take advantage of bandwidth slicing and auto-provisioned bandwidth services.

MEF 3.0 certification confirms that the ADVA FSP 150-GO102Pro Series offers service providers the efficiency, security and agility of network automation. Companies can now sign up to have their services and technology tested and certified through the new on-demand, cloud-based MEF 3.0 virtual test platform.

“Today’s service providers need to adapt and keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital economy. They must be free from the constraints of time-consuming manual processes and static connectivity. Our MEF 3.0 CE-certified FSP 150-GO102Pro Series, opens the door to a new world of dynamic, programmable networking,” commented Zeev Draer, VP, global business development, edge solutions, ADVA. “MEF 3.0’s holistic approach to lifecycle service orchestration exactly matches our vision for turning networks into open service production factories. What’s more, MEF 3.0 is about minimizing proprietary, vertically integrated solutions and enabling operators to embrace the benefits of open API initiatives. We’re also committed to openness and flexibility and have engineered our edge solutions for maximum interoperability and freedom.”