ADTRAN Unveils FTTH Solution to Accelerate Dynamic, On-Demand Services for IoT


ADTRAN, Inc, a global provider of next-generation networking solutions, has unveiled an enhancement to its cloud and broadband access solutions to further focus on agile services delivery for both smart home and small business connectivity.

Tapping the expertise of Axiros’ device management capabilities to its existing services management portfolio, ADTRAN is expanding its ability to automate and manage a broader range of premise-based devices for the home and enterprise. This will enable service providers to accelerate new revenue streams afforded by the Internet of Things.

“There are billions of devices that connect to the Internet and billions more coming online over the next few years,” said Robert Conger, Associate Vice President for ADTRAN Carrier Strategy. “Our service provider customers deliver broadband connectivity to these same devices and recognize the incremental revenue opportunities that can be captured when leveraging agile service automation and extended network visibility. The addition of Axiros to our services management ecosystem expands these requisite agile services delivery and elastic services management capabilities in our residential broadband and business Ethernet access solutions.”

“As a market leader in residential broadband and business Ethernet access, ADTRAN has an extensive installed base throughout North America and EMEA and is a leading innovator in next-generation Gigabit broadband solutions,” said Peter LeBlanc, VP Sales and Business Development of North America for Axiros. “Axiros’ device management software will enable ADTRAN and its service provider customers to speed their time to market and improve the overall quality of service expectations.”

ADTRAN is unique among telecom solution providers with a significant presence in both the carrier and enterprise market sectors. ADTRAN has combined core management technologies and protocols to cohesively provision, troubleshoot, and data mine network services throughout the access network and all the way into the home, small business and distributed enterprise.

The comprehensive management capabilities offer service providers significant OPEX savings potential in reduced services turn-up and troubleshooting times along with improved service and inventory accuracy. Automated operations are supported by simplified integration with existing billing and provisioning systems and accompany the end-to-end management system. Service providers now have a platform that ensures visibility of the customers’ premises, allowing them to bring greater value to the end user and the opportunity for additional service expansion.