ADTRAN Expands Fiber Broadband Portfolio with Innovative New ONTs


ADTRAN, Inc., a provider of next-generation open networking and subscriber experience solutions, has announced several innovative additions to its industry-leading 10G PON portfolio.

Once deployed, operators can shift focus from capacity creation to delivering an enhanced customer experience capable of supporting extreme bandwidth applications for any type of customer.

From game streaming services like Google Stadia, to 8k video, 12k courtside VR, and the rising tide of Internet of Things (IoT) devices—ADTRAN’s comprehensive 10G solutions ensure a premium broadband service experience for everyone.

Leveraging ADTRAN’s Mosaic™software suite to provide end-to-end integration and visibility, operators will be able utilize the expanded portfolio to roll out services faster, monitor and optimize service quality, and make better decisions about network operations as they look to meet growing customer demand for Gigabit services.

“We’re building a network so our customers can do more. More freedom to work from home. More capacity so families can all get online at the same time. More reliability with a service our customers can trust. And more opportunities with a network that can grow over time as our customers do more,” Sven Huster, Engineering Director of Zzoomm, an ADTRAN 10G PON customer, said. “ADTRAN’s leadership in commercially available 10G PON delivers the service, quality and reach we need to let our customers do more. It helps us to bring the highest quality broadband to more homes and businesses across the UK. And it gives us the foundations we need to grow and thrive in the Gigabit Economy.”

The ADTRAN 600-Series of 10G PON ONTs, which serve all business and residential broadband applications, now includes the:

•SDX 602x 10G SME ONU
◦Delivers high-bandwidth SLA-based, enterprise-grade services by integrating Carrier Ethernet network interface device functionality
•The SDX 620s & 640s XGS-PON and 10G EPON SFP+ ONUs
◦Simplifies service delivery and enables flexible WAN technology options for SFP-based residential gateways
•The SDX 620 series of XGS-PON ONTs
◦Provides a variety of 1G and 10G Ethernet port options with integrated carrier class VoIP and built-in optics for residential applications

“The fiber broadband access network needs to support the onslaught of extreme-bandwidth applications to preserve a network operator’s ability to monetize smart home and business opportunities,” ADTRAN Product Line Management Director Jeremy Harris said. “Making one piece of the network go faster, without addressing the other elements in the service delivery chain, can actually compound customers’ problems. Taking an end-to-end portfolio approach is the best way to ensure a best-in-industry customer experience.”

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