Adfone, AT&T Debut Unepuntos Rewards for Prepaid in Mexico

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Adfone Inc. (Adfone), a mobile savings and rewards technology provider, announces a collaboration with AT&T in Mexico to introduce its new rewards platform: Unepuntos®.

With this new app, AT&T wireless prepaid users under the Unefon service, can obtain data and minutes by playing games, watching videos, and completing special offers and surveys on their devices. Unepuntos offers an engaging and rewarding way for wireless prepaid users in Mexico to stay connected.

Despite the global pandemic, Adfone has seen a growth of 122% in its user base from January to May of 2020. The company is transforming the economics of the global mobile market and offering industry-leading services to wireless carriers and advertisers to build and generate revenue in revolutionary ways through mobile phone user engagement.

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“Mobile subscribers worldwide are increasingly seeking cashless forms of payments. Prepaid customers, in particular, are often still physically going to retail shops to purchase top-up cards,” said Rodolfo Novarini, Chief Commercial Officer of Adfone. “Our collaboration with AT&T in Mexico enables prepaid users to top-up their phones with data and minutes by discovering new apps and playing games.”

Adfone, which currently has a potential reach of 30 million subscribers exclusively under contract with wireless carriers, enables advertisers to reach a receptive target demographic while giving prepaid wireless mobile users a reduction in mobile phone subscription costs. Wireless carriers also benefit from Adfone’s platform by gaining critical new revenue streams from the advertisers.

Adfone Inc. is a mobile savings and rewards technology provider. The company generates revenue from advertisers and shares it with wireless carriers to reduce phone bills for mobile phone users.

The rewards platforms created by the company allow mobile phone users around the world to access games, videos, offers, and surveys that earn points which are redeemable for bill credits, top-up vouchers, data, minutes and text bundles, and more.

Additionally, wireless carriers can participate in the system advertising network, and advertisers can deliver targeted messaging to identifiable demographics. Adfone’s partners include leading ad networks, brands, and wireless telecom carriers worldwide. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company has operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Singapore.