AcenTek Taps Calix AXOS to Improve Time to Revenue for New Services

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Innovative regional service provider delivers gigabit services to subscribers across three states with always on network powered by AXOS and unmatched experience with carrier class Wi-Fi

Calix, Inc. has announced that AcenTek has deployed AXOS GPON as it expands gigabit broadband throughout its service area spanning Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa. With AXOS, AcenTek has radically accelerated its deployment capabilities of next generation services while automating and simplifying operations to enable its network to scale.

The AXOS E7-2 Intelligent Modular System and SMx Services Management Connector enable AcenTek to use a common operational service model, regardless of the physical technology layer supported or access network deployment location.

AXOS SMx allows AcenTek to dynamically drive operational process automation, decreasing time to market for new service introductions, shortening OSS integration timelines and markedly improving subscriber experience. Additionally, with the real-time network troubleshooting capabilities of the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox, AcenTek can maintain an always on network at a dramatically reduced operational cost.

“Automation is key to our ability to simplify operations and deliver services most efficiently,” said Ethan Webinger, chief technology officer for AcenTek. “Because the AXOS software platform is independent from the hardware, utilizes APIs and data models, and leverages common MOPs, we have dramatically decreased our time to revenue by reducing the time required to add and deliver services. It enables us to transform our business and back office capabilities quickly without disrupting our existing subscriber services. The AXOS software-defined access network future-proofs our operations, such that we truly believe this will be the last access network operating system we will ever need.”

AcenTek provides voice, video and internet services to both sparsely and densely populated areas in Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa. The communities it serves are rural, but some surround two cities prominent in the medical industry—Grand Rapids, MI and Rochester, MN. For their employees living in these communities, reliable broadband service is paramount. AcenTek is addressing this need with an expanded fiber network that will deliver gigabit services to these areas.

AcenTek is also differentiating its subscriber experience through Mesh-Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi with Calix GigaCenters and 804Mesh satellites. In providing managed Wi-Fi, AcenTek is driving down its own support costs while providing tremendous performance value to its subscribers.

“AcenTek faces the unique challenge of covering large, rural areas with growing populations that demand an exceptional subscriber experience,” said Skip Hirvela, vice president of sales for Calix. “To address its geographic challenges and continue to deliver for all subscribers, AcenTek needed a scalable access solution that would grow as the network expanded and demand for services increased. Calix combined the world’s only software defined access platform with carrier grade whole home Wi-Fi to create a unique combination of solutions to meet AcenTek’s success goals. When you add our long track record of successfully partnering with rural service providers, that made Calix the clear choice.”