AB Handshake Picks iconectiv to Strengthen Telecom Fraud Prevention


In a move to further expand its voice fraud protection solutions, AB Handshake is leveraging intelligent numbering data from iconectiv TruNumber Protect platform, which enables service providers to block many types of telephone fraud and suspicious activity, including one-ring scams, PBX hacking, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), interconnection-related revenue leakage and fraudulent roaming calls to premium-rate services.

Focused on uniting telecom service providers around the globe into a solid, fraud-free community, AB Handshake’s breakthrough solution monitors 20M+ call attempts daily, detects and blocks fraud on inbound and outbound voice traffic.

By utilizing a simple, out-of-band technology, the AB Handshake solution cross-validates the call details of the A and B call registries, enabling 100% accurate blocking of voice fraud attacks with zero false positives. More than 120 operators are already connected to the system and the amount is rapidly expanding.

According to a company estimation, the system saves AB Handshake’s clients $5M+ per month via mitigated fraud loss. The lean, out-of-band system can be integrated in under seven days.

With accurate data processed by iconectiv TruNumber Protect, the AB Handshake call validation solution will be able to detect unauthorized traffic coming from unallocated and prime-rate number ranges, providing extra value to all members of the global AB Handshake call validation community, including helping service providers recover lost revenues, streamline traceback requests and reduce customer churn.

“Thanks to iconectiv intelligent telephone numbering data, we can further elevate the fraud-fighting capabilities of our solution by expanding traffic validation beyond the borders of our current community,” said Vasily Birulin, Managing Director of AB Handshake. “This allows us to offer our customers even greater flexibility whilst keeping the unmatched level of protection that only the AB Handshake solution provides.”

“With telecom fraud constantly evolving as fraudsters find new attack vectors, it is paramount for service providers to have solutions that empower them to proactively decide what traffic to block and monitor,” said Peter Ford, Executive Vice President, iconectiv. “Our TruNumber Protect data brings added telephone number intelligence to the core of the AB Handshake solution and is an example of how valuable, accurate data is helping companies combat telephone fraud.”

iconectiv TruNumber Protect enables service providers to pinpoint — and flag — potential fraudulent calls and take immediate preventive action in real time. Featuring a comprehensive, continually updated database of high-risk and unallocated telephone number ranges worldwide, TruNumber Protect enables organizations to:

Automatically identify calls as high-risk numbers such as IPRNs, as well as thwart other types of fraud, such as one-ring “wangiri” scams and PBX hacking.

Integrate the solution with their existing fraud-management tools and processes so their fraud teams can quickly and easily decide which traffic to block and monitor.

Enable their customer experience and fraud and risk mitigation teams to work more efficiently and effectively, and deliver innovative options to boost consumer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.