A1 Slovenija Taps ZTE to Deploy Hybrid Access Solution

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ZTE Corporation has completed the commercial deployment of its Hybrid Access (HA) solution in association with A1 Slovenija.

The Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) project was efficiently completed in three months after ZTE won the bid in December 2017.

In this project, ZTE employs ZXR10 M6000-S routers as Hybrid Access Gateways to significantly improve the network bandwidth, reliability and residential user experience without changing the existing network architecture, thereby expediting the network deployment and reducing customers’ investment.

With the booming development of emerging network services, the bandwidth demands of residential users are rising rapidly. However, the traditional Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) still remains as the main stream in many regions in Slovenia. It has become a big challenge for the operator to improve the access bandwidth of the fixed line users at lower cost.

To solve the problem, ZTE promotes the innovative HA solution, which adopts two M6000-S routers as primary/standby Hybrid Access Gateways and Hybrid CPE as the access, to implement LTE and DSL Hybrid bonding and to provide two Wide Area Network (WAN) links of different media.

This project will help A1 Slovenija further upgrade user experience on fixed services and improve its Fixed BroadBand (FBB) user development. Meanwhile, it not only improves the image of ZTE ZRX10 M6000-S router, but also lays a solid foundation for ZTE to achieve further successes in the fierce competition of the high-end router market.

A1 Slovenija is in a 100-percent ownership of Telekom Austria Group and is an important part of the leading digital solutions and communications provider in Central and Eastern Europe with over 24 million users in 8 countries. With an income of over EUR 4 billion and 17.500+ employees, the Group is the European unit of América Móvil, the third largest provider of wireless services in the world.