A Guide to Choosing the Best Sports Betting App for you

Online Betting

Online sports betting has taken off to such an extent over the past decade that the demand and need to be able to bet ‘on the go’, is at its peak.

The technological advancements offered by bookmakers allow punters to be able to bet on a sporting fixture, pretty much anywhere in the world – at any given time.

As a result, the app market has become flooded with options for sports betting fans and deciphering the best bookmaker/sports betting app for you can be a tricky task and there are many options for sports betting today.

Read on for a guide of things to look out for when choosing your sports betting app:

Welcome to the App

The need for bookmakers to create an efficient app for punters to bet on is huge and as a result some companies offer first time app users exclusive welcome offers.

There are a range of offers available to new and existing customers and in most cases, once you sign up to the app you can access a range of betting promotions.

Each bookmaker and the subsequent app they operate from is different, so be sure to check out Oddmanger.co.uk Bookmakers page for a comprehensive list of the best bookmaker app offerings.

Utilise Your Own Sporting Knowledge

Having a wealth of sporting knowledge isn’t something you can develop overnight, however betting within your own sphere of interests is often very helpful.

Some bookmakers may solely focus more on popular sports like football or tennis, while others may offer more competitive odds on less popular sporting markets such as speedway or table tennis.

When looking for the best sports betting app for you, try to tailor your selection around your specific interests.

App Security

Entering your personal details into a sports betting app shouldn’t be risky business but the wealth of online bookmaker apps on the market have tarnished the reputation of the industry somewhat.

Checking the bookmaker, you are betting with is registered to the gambling commission in the country you are betting in, should be a minimum requirement for any punter using sports betting apps.

The regulations set out by the gambling commission ensure your details are safe and secure and that you can enjoy the thrills and spills of online betting, worry free.

User Experience

Each bookmaker is different and the way in which their regular website translates into the app, changes from bookie to bookie.

Some websites retain all of the key features as they transfer over to the app whilst others are completely different in the way in which they are developed.

As a punter, being comfortable with the set up of a betting app is essential, as being able to access bets quickly and efficiently can help you get the best available odds.

Downloading a sports betting app and getting used to the interface is always recommended before depositing any funds into an account.

In Play App Betting

Part of the appeal when it comes to betting via an app, is the convenience it brings for bettors as they look to maximise their betting opportunities.

Apps on phones/tablets have become an integral part of everyday life and in the sports betting sphere things are no different.

The sheer number of sports fixtures punters can access means that betting in-play and on the move has never been easier – which of course gives players more chances to both lose and win money.

Live Streaming via the App

Betting companies have also become savvy in the world of live streaming and most of the best online bookies give their customers access to the action via the app.

Simply placing a bet with some bookmakers, will allow punters to be able to watch all of the action unfold – via the app, on the go – making betting apps the absolute must have for any sports betting enthusiast.