8 Top-Notch Apps For Writers


Being assigned to write a paper in college is not an easy task when you are in the initial stage of your studies. We have collected the ultimate selection of the top-notch apps for writers that would be useful for beginner paper writers and skilled experts. These apps are irreplaceable when writers face any issue connected to creating texts, including lack of ideas, inability to focus, editing issues, etc. The list of apps below would help students who have to write a lot of essays regularly or bloggers or writers looking for useful apps for their daily work with texts.

  1. MyWriter

According to numerous users ‘ reviews, this app is one of the best combinations of functionality and usefulness. The app allows matching with an author who could create any text for you following your task. All you need to do is downloading the app and dive into the world of reliable freelancers on the go from your tablet or phone. Blog content improvements, essay writing, speeches creating, proofreading any papers, writing emails, and plenty more options are waiting for users of MyWriter.

  1. WriteMonkey

This is an app that is perfect for editing text. In addition, it sufficiently helps in formatting various texts, adding them with links, annotations, etc. Moreover, WriteMonkey allows authors to organize files by arranging them in a suitable way that eases using them. You can pre-plan printing, create blog posts, and more. The only issue is that plenty of app features assume taking some time to get familiar with the system. Consider that this app is free.

  1. Grammarly

This is one of the best editing apps you could find on the web. Once you start interacting with this functional app’s suitable and native interface, you understand it was created to help you. Any text you download to Grammarly undergoes the complicated inside process of checking and restyling. Grammar, spelling, stylistics, syntaxes, punctuation, word appropriate use, and plenty more parameters would be considered by Grammarly. Worth trying at least once.

  1. FocusWriter

An app is perfect for those who frequently face trouble focusing, especially being a part of the modern world full of distractions. When you install this app and start using it, the system reduces the distractions that are coming for other apps you might simultaneously use on your device. This eases the process of concentrating on your wiring routine and keeps you on track effectively. In addition, the app allows performing sound effects of the typewriter.

  1. ByWord

If you are fond of Apple products, take a closer look at this excellent app developed for Mac and iPad. Mostly this app would be appreciated by bloggers and website creators as ByWord allows quickly publishing your work to websites and blogs once you create and edit it. Moreover, this app features the Markdown language that enables formatting texts to reduce distractions, making the interface minimalist.

  1. Simplenote

The app would be highly rated by those who take notes regularly. Some authors know precisely that writing down ideas on the go is a perfect habit. The app allows you not to lose a brilliant idea when you hurry up and have only several seconds to fix the concept by writing it down. Moreover, having all your thoughts in one place eases the process of working on them and sorting them effectively. The design of the Simplenote is minimalistic. The app suits numerous platforms. The app supports Markdown language allowing formatting and styling your notes.

  1. FreeMind

When you have to be creative, using the mind mapping technique is very effective. This app was developed to help people to collect various data into structured diagrams. You can combine all the ideas and notes and represent them onscreen. The app allows taking the process of brainstorming new ideas for your texts and articles to a new level. Colored patterns, hierarchy lists, subtasks, etc., enable taking writing processes to a new stage as well. Moreover, you would keep all the materials together with this app and would not lose them accidentally.

  1. Pro Writing Aid

This tool is helping to edit any texts, from blog posts and fiction novels to college speeches and essays. The functions of this app are numerous. The core idea of using the app is to find and reduce errors in your texts, eliminate mistypes, grammar, and punctuation issues. There are free and paid versions, so you can choose the selection of features as you wish. The word count could be limited for a free version, so assume your tasks when selecting the version for you.

These were the best apps that we recommend considering for people who need to write various types of texts regularly. By applying any of these apps for your needs, you would achieve your goals fast and effectively. Be it essay creating, a blog post-editing, or speech writing, these apps would make the process much easier. We wish you luck at any stage of writing.