7 Reasons Why Video Content Marketing Is So Important Nowadays

Digital Innovation

It is widely known that Content Marketing is a great and effective way to brand building and reach the target audience.

There are a few mediums through which you can do content marketing.


Among them, Video content marketing is one of the most important ones.

According to a report by Demand Metric, around 83% of the marketers say that Video Content Marketing is really getting significant with the passage of time.

Therefore there is a constructive reason behind the success of Video Content Marketing.

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In this article, we are going to discuss Why Video Content Marketing is becoming so important with each passing day.

What Is Video Content Marketing?

Video Content Marketing is a channel through which brands produce video content to raise their profile online.

Videos are generally published on Youtube or a social media network. Videos can also come in the form of Webinars, courses, and live videos.

And there is not an iota of doubt that Video Marketing is a highly effective and powerful way to spread a brand to the customers.

Why Video Marketing?

There are reasons why Video Marketing is getting famous and acceptable to the viewers.

1. Good Reasons For Investment

With Video Content Marketing, there is a high chance of getting a good return on investment. The success of Video Content Marketing depends upon a well-organized content strategy.

You might be thinking that video production is an expensive affair. But if you have plenty of technology, you could be able to make videos at a nominal cost.

2. You Can Use Videos In A Different Ways

When it comes to video options, you have plenty of them. Marketers have plenty of options when it comes to using video in different ways to earn profits and leverage in the business.

Social Media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook allow you to post stories that go on to disappear after a certain amount of time. They are super cheap and quick to create.

3. Long Videos

If you are posting live videos on platforms like Facebook and Youtube, they are extremely effective from the perspective of business. From one study, it is inferred that live videos get six times more interactions compared to regular videos.

Another innovative way through which you could use video is one-to-one chatting. These videos are made primarily by marketers to improve customer experience.

4. Videos Boost Conversion And Sales

With videos, you are able to earn, let us tell you. If you add a product video to your landing page, you can increase conversions upto 70%.

And yes, videos can also lead to direct sales. Well, according to another interesting statistic, 74% of the users who watched videos about products have subsequently bought it. Imagine how influential Videos are if you use them effectively.

5. Return On Investment 

Making videos is neither cheap nor too expensive. But one thing is sure, it takes quite some diligent work and costs a good amount of time to make these videos.

But once you have made it, they are highly returning, let us tell you. According to a study, 83% of the businesses say that videos provide a good Return on Investment.

6. Building Trust In Common Buyers

The whole concept of marketing is based on trust and creating long term relationships with the consumers. Simply stop selling and make interesting videos.

Let them come to you. Provide them with full-fledged information about your product. Video content arrests our attention and emotions. If you are able to guide people properly, they will definitely buy your product and services.

Videos create a sense of individual approach. About 57% of the consumers say that videos gave them an ample amount of confidence and Trust.

7. Videos Appeal To Mobile Users

Videos and Mobile are a great pair. According to a study, Mobile video consumption rises up to around 100% every year.

According to Google, the number of Smartphone users is simply 1.4 times more compared to desktop users.

Since the number of smartphone users is increasing, it is sure that more and more people will watch your content. And you will get a better opportunity for business.


It is inferred from the study that the age is that of Mobile phone users. And the number of Mobile phone users keeps increasing with time.

This ecosystem is alluvial to leverage customer attention via video Content marketing. So get your best resources to make engaging videos and increase business opportunities.