6 Tips For Choosing The Right iPhone Repair Specialist


An iPhone is considered one of the most expensive phones with outstanding features. Considering how pricey it is, you wouldn’t want it to undergo any damage. But as with other phones, it’s still prone to damage. It’s not uncommon to encounter a broken screen, overheating, screen glitching, charging problems, faulty volume buttons, and battery drains. At such a point, you’d want to take it for repairs if the damages are minor and don’t warrant a replacement.

However, since an iPhone is sophisticated, you’d want to find a specialist who can handle the repairs and has standard parts befitting your phone. Below are six tips to guide you as you choose the right iPhone repair specialist:

  1. Check Their Experience

By all means, work with a technician with experience in repairing iPhones. They’ve probably handled multiple phones like yours and fixed all the issues you could imagine. A novice may still be learning the ropes and may worsen your phone’s problem if you take it to them for repairs. In this case, your winning point is finding seasoned phone repair stores for Apple that can do your repairs effectively, and your phone will serve you for a long time without needing additional repairs.

Also, when looking for an expert, consider working with one within your locality so you can reach them at any time should the need arise. While at it, don’t believe their word that they’re good at doing repairs. Go to their websites and check for reviews from their clients to ascertain their credibility. Check what customers say about the services they offer, how long it takes to repair their phones and the typical pricing.

  1. Aim At Quick Turnaround

You wouldn’t want to stay away from your precious phone for an extended period. The wait alone can cause a lot of worries since you’re unsure whether the repairs are going on as expected or something terrible happened. Thus, it’d help if you only worked with a specialist who can do quality work in a short time. Some are even known to finish repairs in under an hour or within the day. Even if the repairs needed are extensive, they shouldn’t take weeks or months with your phone.

  1. Consider A Specialist With Bonus Services

Every specialist offers different services. So, check the special services and pick a repairer that offers the best value for money. Ideally, you’d want to work with a firm that offers extra services without additional charges, like free deliveries, deep cleaning, user training, and online support. Also, it’d be best if they have the software you can use to track your phone to monitor its progress. The tracker can give you some peace of mind while you wait for the repair to get done.

  1. Check For A Repair Warranty

Uncertainties abound with iPhone repairs. You wouldn’t want to go back to the store only to be told you must show a warranty indicating you were actually served at the store. Perhaps the part installed in your phone isn’t compatible, or the repairs weren’t done sufficiently. Thus, ask if they offer warranties for components like screens or batteries.

On the same note, work with a specialist whose repair store provides lengthy warranties spanning several months. Short-lived guarantees may not serve you well, especially when the iPhone malfunctions some weeks after the repair.

  1. Make Inquiries About The Quality Of Their Spare Parts

Specialists usually source parts from different places. Others go to the actual manufacturers, while others go to downstreet dealers. In this sense, you risk getting fake components on your iPhone. A part that isn’t designed to work on your phone may cause other damages, and your phone may completely shut off.

There are various ways to know if you’re iPhone was repaired with genuine parts. For one, before you pick a specialist, ask them where they get their components. You could simply ask for evidence of purchase, and they shouldn’t decline your request if they’re genuine.

  1. Request For Pricing Estimates

iPhone repair prices vary from store to store. Others may charge highly because of the phone’s value but not deliver quality services. Your key point is picking a reliable specialist offering affordable prices for the best services. That said, before leaving your phone at a repair shop, ask them to give you a breakdown of the total pricing. It helps eliminate the shock of hidden charges.


Taking your broken iPhone to a specialist is recommended over doing a self-service repair. And choosing the right iPhone repair specialist is critical because of this type of phone’s intricate features and pricing. It’d help if you only looked for reliable specialists you could work with. Only pick an experienced and qualified one with high-quality parts that can ensure the long life of your phone after repairs. Also, ask for a warranty before committing to working with them.