5G India Leadership Summit Puts Focus on Robust 5G Ecosystem


“Digitization will define the future for 5G in India” creating new opportunities for a connected ecosystem across industries. The 5th Edition of the 5G India Leadership Summit 2022, being held on 19th May at New Delhi aims to drive a consensus towards making 5G a commercial success in India and create a roadmap to enable solutions, policy framework, innovations and opportunities that will accelerate the deployment of a robust 5G ecosystem in India.

Organized by Konnect Worldwide Business Media the day-long event on the theme ‘Digitization will define the future for 5G in India’ is supported by industry partners including MediaTek, EDGEQ, Anritsu, COAI, Broadband Forum among others.

The forum will bring together industry experts, innovators, policymakers, government representatives, leading service providers, OEMs, devices and analysts to collaborate and exchange ideas for spearheading deployment and fast-tracking 5G digital transformation initiatives in India.

The discussions will deep dive into finding solutions towards making 5G a commercial success in India. With successful field trials of telecom service providers already conducted, 5G is increasingly expected to become integral to industrial businesses and digitalization.

“Today, the world is becoming increasingly connected and people are keen on seamless experiences in the hybrid new era. The disruptive power of 5G connectivity is poised to transform the country while enabling innovation across industries. MediaTek is excited to be a part of India’s 5G revolution and we are prepared to play a major role in this disruption through our market-leading MediaTek Dimensity series of 5G chips,” said Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications, MediaTek India.

“5G has unprecedented potential to transform the consumer as well as the enterprise segments. It will lead to industry-disrupting use cases opening new growth and revenue streams. With 5G auctions approaching, this is an opportune time for all the stakeholders to align synergies across the value chain for a successful commercial 5G rollout. 5G India Leadership Summit provides this opportunity and will help in bringing together all the stakeholders to lay out a clear roadmap for making 5G a success story in India, said Tarun Pathak, Research Director, Counterpoint.

Topics that will drive conversations include Defining the Role of 5G in Digital Transformation of India, 5G Devices Ecosystem – A Major Pillar For Making 5G a Success Thru Smartphone’s, Wearable’s, Connected Consumer Lifestyle & IoT Enabled 5G For Industries, What 5G Means For the Future of Internet of Things in India and 5G Policy, Standardization & Spectrum Roadmap Update For Making 5G Accessible in India.

Aman Khanna, Founder & Director, Konnect Worldwide added, “5G India Leadership Summit will help in strategizing a strong vision of 5G landscape in India. This is an ideal platform to bring the key influencers and decision makers under one roof. This year’s event will provide an update on the ecosystem, industry expectations, drivers and directions for future evolution to 5G and beyond. It will also discuss services and applications, business models and challenges including solving spectrum needs for capacity and coverage requirements”.