5 Ways in Securing your Home with Automation Technology


Nowadays, our world is bombarded with high technology everywhere—from communication to automobile and even to our security system. Technology is the one responsible for our connectivity. Like in having smartphones and computers, we can now communicate, exchange information, and give commands to make life easier.

This is also true in setting up a home security system with the use of automation technology. It allows us to control, monitor, and protect our house even when we are far away from home. We are listing some tips on how to maintain home security.

Below are some of the ways you can secure your home with automation.

  1. Providing Door Locks with Bluetooth

Smart locks are said to be an integral part of your home. It has increased security for most residences. Because of its efficiency, this can be connected to a smartphone with Bluetooth, and it also has a phone application where it can be linked on. It has proximity sensors that enable a door to be unlocked with anyone whose phone has authorized access to it.

Whenever he is near, the door will automatically open, thus preventing anyone without access from going in. These locks also signal other devices such as lights and thermostat that you are either outside or at home. That is why this was said to be more economical because it can save you more electricity.

  1. Installing Sensors on Your Smartphone

Like what I have mentioned earlier, smartphones with sensors can automatically open and lock the door for you. This can also be connected with windows and other devices. Providing your unique gesture also helps them recognize you.

Also, if you will be away for a trip, a break-in would notify you on your smartphone. Your installed sensor can catch any movement done while you are away. This can detect any movement done inside your house. Moreover, if you wish to install a siren, you may do so.

  1. Set Up Intelligent Security System

Install smart security system such as garage and fingerprint scanners in order to gain control and prevent break-ins. You can do this by streamlining all your devices through wifi network. This offers components that work together with customized rules of your own. Like automatically opening the front door and garage at your arrival. And also turning on and off the lights depending on your presence. This smart security system will be of great help to you who is always away from home.

  1. Install Security Cameras with Wifi

Having wifi on your security cameras at home allows your smartphone to connect so that you can monitor the house 24/7. You will be able to recognize people lurking around your house. Better yet, you can install a system which allows you to have full control of your home—from lights, doors, windows to garage, name it. With a wireless connection, you can now control these with your smartphone.

  1. Monitor Your House Even Outside Home

As your smartphone is connected with a security camera, you can even have full access to its video feed and photos. You can check your house from time to time through your smartphone, especially when you are away having a vacation. Even if someone tries to destroy your security system, this device allows you to send a notification. If this happens, you can arm or disarm alarms that will bring the signal to the security personnel.

These five ways in securing your home can be an advantage on your part so you can protect your house from unwanted visitors, monitor if there is any suspicious activity going on and control the security system by alarming any break-ins. Thanks to our technology for making this possible. Investing in a home security system is worth your every penny. Especially if you have the most valuable thing to protect inside your house, a reliable security system is a must. Aside from protection protocol, having this installed can save you more electricity by being automatically turned off whenever you are not around. It is indeed true that this will be costly yet still practical for safety reasons.


Overall, having the best security system will be beneficial for your home. And so, if you are still unsure of which system to take, you can get help and seek advice from an expert.