5 Things You Need to Get a Professional Result Filming Yourself


If you are going to post a video online promoting yourself or your business you will obviously want it to look as professional as possible.

A good way of achieving that aim would be to find the best video production company in Melbourne, for instance, so that you know the result will be polished and slick.

There are also a few useful hints and tips that are worth knowing so that you can improve your own efforts to obtain a professional result when filming yourself.

Use the right camera

The quality of the camera on your smartphone is often surprisingly good and you can definitely get good results using this option when filming at home.

Don’t be tempted to use the webcam on your computer as this won’t be up to the required standard. If you want to get a camera so that you can produce regular videos that look consistently good you can invest in a DSLR camera or a camcorder.

The standard of camera equipment is very good these days and if you avoid using your webcam you should be able to get some excellent results with a variety of camera options.

Keep the image steady

Your shots need to be as steady as possible. The way to get that level of consistency and quality with your filming is to buy a tripod.

There is no doubt that a stable shot immediately takes your video to a higher production level so it is well worth looking at buying a tripod if you are going to film at home yourself.

Lighting is very important

Another integral aspect of a professional video production setup is having good lighting.

If there is not enough light you will find that even a top-quality camera will struggle to give you the images you are looking for. If it’s too light, your shots will probably have a silhouette, which also ruins the professional image you are looking for.

A good tip to bear in mind is to always be facing the light source. This helps to provide the right level of illumination required.

Think about composition

A video with poor production values will usually have bad set composition.

Composition is all about the placement of everything you see when looking through the viewfinder of your camera. Practice how to frame each shot and that will enable you to film without the distraction of a background that is drawing your attention away from the person in the shot.

Before you hit the record button

Professional video production companies will usually refer to what is known as “last looks”.

This is where you check every aspect of your setup, such as framing, lighting, composition, and even whether your clothes or hair look right before you start recording your video.

You might want to record a few seconds of filming and run it back to check you are happy with everything. In other words, take a last look, before you start filming the video that you intend to use as the finished version.

Getting a professional result when filming yourself is all about paying attention to a number of aspects of the process so that you are sure they all align in the way you want them to.

You can get a great video when filming yourself. Alternatively, you could always use a professional video production company if you want to really stand out from the crowd.

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.com