5 Important Tips for a Beginner Front-End Developer


To experienced professionals, many things seem obvious, but from a beginner’s point of view, everything looks different. Let’s try to give some tips for novice web developers for a successful start.

Those who call web development an easy job mean that you don’t have to carry heavy loads. However, if you are just starting to do this, there are many difficulties. And there is a huge request on hire front end web developers. What should you learn first? What do you need to know and be able to do at the start? What tools should you use? Let’s take everything in order.

Set specific goals 

One of the most common searches in a search engine is: “What programming language should I learn?” The question is clear, but wrong. The first question that really needs to be asked is, “Why would I learn to code?” Whether you want to develop mobile apps or create websites for small businesses, you need to have a clear understanding of the end goal. This will make it easier for you to study the material and not waste time.

Take your time: this is a marathon, not a sprint 

Promising ads give people a very optimistic picture of how easy it is to get into the IT industry. It only takes a couple of months to become a sought-after specialist. Yes, you may be able to quickly grasp the basics of web development, but experience and understanding of all the nuances of the profession will not come soon. Be prepared for the fact that it will take you a year or more to get where you want.

Move slowly but surely. Now you know that mastering programming is a rather difficult process. Despite this, some people want to learn everything as quickly as possible. They study for 6 hours a day, sometimes forgetting to dine. There is a real danger of being chafed and eventually burned out. Start slowly, an hour a day should be enough. Of course, the more time you can devote to learning, the more progress you will make. Gradually, you will be able to increase the amount of time you spend on class and develop a good habit and provide front end development services.

Find solutions quickly 

Being able to solve problems yourself is one of the most important developer skills. You might think that experienced programmers know the answers to all questions. It’s not like that at all! They may know some things by heart, but there are many still searching on Google. If at first it may take you 3 hours to find answers, then next time it will take much less time. By learning how to fix the most common problems, you will become faster and more efficient.

Support theory with practice and never stop learning

If you don’t try theory in practice, you really won’t learn anything. You can read a book and watch videos, but once you’ve finished a section or chapter, press pause. Open your code editor and go back to what you learned. Try to repeat any of the sample material.

If you’re just getting started, the world of web development may seem vast and unexplored to you – there are seemingly hundreds of skills that you must master. After learning the basic tools, you practice and feel comfortable for a while, but the industry is constantly changing. If you do not change with her, you will no longer be a demanded specialist.

Learn layout and programming 

If you decide to work on the client side (frontend), you cannot do without the knowledge of layout. To arrange text, images, buttons and other interface elements on a page, and then correctly style them, you need HTML and CSS. It is most convenient to comprehend and improve the basics of layout in practice. Try layout for pages or individual elements. Watch training videos on the Internet and try to repeat after the author. Always use the browser developer tool to debug your code.

Javascript is required to manage site elements and control interaction with the interface. He is responsible for the dynamic part of the page: animations, displaying data, handling user actions, and much more. For example, the APIs built into the browser are also built on the basis of the JavaScript language.

A beginner should not immediately strive for an acceleration. It is best to start in a vacuum, avoiding all additional resources until you are comfortable with the standard language.