5 Crucial Tech Tools Your Restaurant Can Benefit From


You can never ignore the impact of restaurant technology, as it is one of the pillars to attaining core competence today. As the pressure to remain innovative keeps growing by the day, your business stands to gain a great deal by investing in the right technologies. Here are five crucial tech tools your restaurant can benefit from.

1. POS system

One of the best decisions you can ever make is to invest in an advanced restaurant manager POS that does more than handle payments. Shifts in the restaurant industry demand a point-of-sale system that will help in:

  • Managing receipts and payment
  • Automating invoicing
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Providing restaurant insights by analyzing customer data
  • Employee scheduling

 2. Online ordering software

To be future-ready, you need to adapt to the growing demands for restaurant takeout options. A simple way to step your game and meet these crucial customer requirements is to invest in online ordering software.  For maximum efficiency, always ensure the software you settle for can seamlessly integrate with your POS system. You should then partner with a popular food delivery company to ease how quickly you can fulfill all orders.

3. Contactless payment solutions

The COVID-19 crisis has led to increased public health and safety concerns, which has seen more customers place value on contactless payment solutions. Luckily, top payment gateway providers have made it easier to incorporate these solutions into your restaurant. All you need to do is have contactless payment readers installed in your restaurant, and clients can now make their payments with a single tap or wave.

3. Self-order kiosks

Restaurant industry reports show that over 65% of customers are willing to visit a restaurant that has a self-ordering option. This has largely been propelled by the need to minimize physical contact during the pandemic period. Nevertheless, the long-term practicality of this solution lies in the enhanced ordering experience it provides, as customers do not feel rushed during their visits.

As a restaurant owner, installing self-order kiosks will also reduce pressure on your staff while elevating your customer service. It further allows your servers and chefs to have accurate details about their orders, avoiding the frustrations and inconveniences of delivering wrong orders.

4. Kitchen display system

The busiest place in your restaurant is the kitchen, and you need these behind-the-scenes operations to be as smooth as possible. Investing in a kitchen display system is a smart way to take better charge of these operations as you say goodbye to paper tickets and kitchen printers.

A mounted kitchen display system elevates the efficiency of your kitchen staff by allowing them to:

  • Instantly view all open orders
  • Know when clients placed their orders for prioritization
  • Instantly take note of special orders and requests
  • Send orders to the right workstation

The trickle-down effect of investing in this system is that it eases coordination between your front of house and kitchen staff while minimizing errors. This translates to happier customers, which is your number one goal as a restaurant.


Since it has become impossible to operate a restaurant at maximum efficiency without the right technologies, embracing these cutting-edge tech tools will help refine your operations for better profitability.