5 Advantages Of Innovative Web Design

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Despite the era of digital marketing, there’s no denying the fact of how many companies and businesses are still convinced that a simple do-it-yourself website will suffice. Well, for starters, this may be true. But when you’ve had your website up and running for a long time now, the need to keep up with recent times is there. This entails changing your website often to keep up with the need to innovate.

According to web design agencies London, having an innovative website is about keeping your target customers pleased, more than anything else. You can significantly increase and improve your customers’ level of satisfaction when your website is user-friendly, professional, and easy to navigate through. With many sites now available online, audiences are becoming more selective of the websites they choose to patronize.

To convince you more about its merits, here’s a run-down of five advantages of having innovative web design:

  1. It Improves User Experience

First off, an innovative website can significantly improve the user experience of your website. The reason behind this goes back to the fact that an innovative website is one that’s able to satisfy the checklist of a user-friendly website.

A major factor that can help you decide the quality of user experience you provide to your website audience is the time they spend on your site. You can get the numbers through your analytics.

For instance, website visitors can be frustrated and immediately jump off your site when they’re forced to constantly zoom and pinch. An innovative website that addresses those concerns can be the right solution and RCCO is a top choice for companies looking for experienced UX and UI designers who can satisfy the checklist of a user-friendly website. This means having a website that can respond to a change in the screen size, so your website visitors won’t have any trouble accessing and clicking buttons. This advantage is all the more pressing, particularly when what you have is an e-commerce site.

  1. It Sets A Good First Impression

First impressions are lasting. And, in the online arena where competition is stiff, making a good first impression is even all the more important. It impacts the perception of your brand and your whole image in general. This is where an innovative website comes in as the key to setting a professional image.

Remember that in the fast-paced online world, you only have a few seconds to make that impression. It’s during those first few seconds that your innovative, professional website design can stand out against one that’s simply rushed or made haphazardly.

  1. It Keeps You Competitive

A strong way to start is by striking a good first impression. Once that first impression is made, you then have to aim to go beyond just that. To keep the continuum, you have to aim to outshine your direct competitors consistently. Without a doubt, having an innovative website will get you there.

Start with the aesthetics first as surely, your competitors will always have beautiful and well-designed websites out there. Then, aim to innovate by having the latest features that a website needs. To name a few, your website should have the following:

  1. It Increases Mobile Traffic

The advent of more advanced smartphones means that many website visitors are now browsing through their mobile phones. You’re going to lose a huge potential market if your website isn’t innovative enough to be able to respond quickly to changes in the screen size, for instance.

This means that whether your website visitor is browsing from a bigger screen on their computer or a smaller one on their mobile phone, your web page doesn’t get distorted. It still looks just as pleasing and attractive as if the visitor was browsing on a bigger screen, and it’s just as user-friendly, too.

  1. It Establishes Trust

Becoming a trustworthy or authority site in your niche is important for search engines to rank your website higher. This means that as soon as an Internet user keys in a search, your website becomes one of the authority sites that make it to the top list of search results. Effectively, this can help increase traffic to your site as well.

The more the Internet trusts you, the better. While there are many ways to be able to achieve that, maintaining an innovative and professionally-made website design is one of the most effective measures.


If you were previously on the fence about whether an innovative website design is necessary, the list of benefits above should be more than enough to convince you that it is. There’s so much to be gained from having a good website, with the list above comprising only a few. If you’ve previously been a DIY type of person, then the list should also convince you that hiring a professional web designer—who knows better than you do—is definitely worth it.