3 Ways To Use Your Phone To Boost Your Finances


When Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone in 1973, not many people thought that the same device could transform to become what it is today. Mobile phones have now become a part of our livelihoods, and people are now using them to shop online, make calls, browse the internet, and an assortment of other tasks.

What if we get rewarded for every moment we spend on the internet? People are always looking forward to an extra income, and you can make your phone a money-making machine. The following are some practical ways that you can earn money using your mobile phone:

Complete surveys

There will always be brands out there that want to learn of consumer trends and get feedback. Such companies use surveys to collect crucial data that they can use to produce products that fit their customers’ needs. Your phone can be the crucial link to making money from surveys.

There are thousands of survey sites that you will find on the web, and you must only pick the best. Most of these sites will have preliminary quizzes to determine if you are the right fit for the survey. Some of them will require you to fill in your personal details and create a profile before proceeding with the survey.

Such surveys can differ from one client to the other, depending on the end goals. For instance, you can get a survey that seeks to find out ‘the number of people who smoke’. Big companies will always pay specific companies that conduct surveys to run them on their behalf.

Some of the questions on the surveys will have multiple choices, while others are open-ended. The time you need to complete such surveys will vary from one survey to the other. The beauty of such surveys is that you can tackle them while traveling.

Play online games

Video gaming is a billion-dollar industry that has been growing steadily over the last few decades. There was a time when video games were a preserve of a few people as the available games demanded high-end machines. The industry has undergone various transformations, and now people can play online games straight from their mobile phones. Cloud technology has been one of the most crucial technologies that make it easy to play high-demanding games with regular devices.

The adoption of HTML 5 in creating video games has been a great improvement as flash technology had some compatibility issues with most mobile devices. You can thus place wagers using mobile betting on your favorite iGaming platform and make some money. The first secret to winning in online gambling is familiarising yourself with the games that you want to play. Some of the games you will find online are based on luck, while others demand a winning strategy.

You can as well join competitions that are organized online and make some money. eSports is a hot trend where people are competing remotely and attracting sponsors from all fronts.

Sell stuff online

Gone are the days when selling was a preserve for trained salespeople. You can now sell stuff online and make some money from your efforts. The beauty of smartphones is that you can take a quick picture of your items and post them online.

Your social media can be a good starting point, and you can bank on your friends and followers. Some of the most effective platforms to market your stuff are Facebook and Instagram, as they are the most popular social platforms. A clear picture or video of the item you want to sell and a good caption might all that you need to make that sale.

Are you a fan of photography and looking for some ways of converting it to money? There are also hundreds of platforms where you can sell your pictures. Some of these platforms will pay when users download your photos, while others allow internet users to tip you.

You can as well use your smartphone to sell your skills online. For instance, if you are an awesome graphic designer, you can use Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Stories, and Facebook Stories to showcase what you can offer.

Above are some simple but effective ways of making money straight from your phone. You can pick one of the most appropriate approaches or combine a few and maximize your earnings.