3 App Store Apps That Can Help Businesses Save Water and Energy


The App Store has always had a more curated and screened set of applications than the competition, and when it comes to energy and water saving apps, the results are unsurprisingly similar. As the cost of business utilities continue to rise in the UK, here’s a small list of apps that can help your company become more energy and water efficient.


Smappee is free to download, but you will need to spend more than just a few pounds to make it useful. This expense will come in the form of the user having to separately buy the Smappee Energy Monitor hardware because, without it, the application is completely useless! Despite that being the case, both the energy monitor and the application works well enough for the expense to be worth it.

An accessible, clean, user interface and intricate details about your business’s or home’s energy consumption rates make Smappee a reliable app for forecasting energy consumption rates of various appliances and equipment within the house or business facility. On top of that, the app lets users remotely control several aspects of real time energy consumption via their smartphones, which is a major advantage for adding mobility to the whole process. This energy monitoring and saving app also has the approval of WWF to certify its usefulness.

Energy Cost Calculator

A free to download and use application available on the App Store, Energy Cost Calculator doesn’t ask you to buy any hardware. While that is excellent news for someone who was looking for an instantly useable energy expenses calculator, they will still need to enter the readings manually. As long as you have your own apparatus for monitoring energy consumption in the facility, that should not be a problem at all. Keep in mind that this is a simplistic calculator that only works on some pre-set, basic principles, and while they work quite well for the most part, the accuracy of the results will be determined by the accuracy of information entered.


Like some of the other apps on this list, Dropcountr is not a fully featured business application, but that should not stop you from using the useful information provided by this app to stop water wastage and save money in your own business facility or office. Dropcountr can help with:

  • Understanding, identifying and managing water usage by comparing meter readings with other similar facilities.
  • Setting water usage reduction goals and planning for ways for achieving them
  • Finding information about water bill rebates

If you are unsure about how to read or utilise the water meter readings, read this post on Utility Bidder which explains everything about water meters, how to read them and how to lower your business water bills by using those readings.

Aside from these, there are also a bunch of other applications available on the App Store for assessing water and energy bills. In fact, you should also try out one of the premium apps if you want more concrete business-oriented results to work with.