10 Apps for Parents to See Whom Their Kid is Texting With


Kids and mobile phones are a scary mixture; it does not matter if your child is in teenage or younger. The easy access to the internet and smartphones asks something you need to put a stop or limit your child’s activity.

While your child is using phones, ads keep on popping all the time; most of these ads contain irrelevant offers and applications information. Therefore it is important to educate them about social apps’ safety. Moreover, it is necessary to track whom your child is messaging, hanging out, texting, or talking to. mSpy is a meaningful tool to track your child’s activities.

Part 1: FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is one of the best apps available on the internet when it comes to reading your kid’s text messages. You need to set up the device once & enjoy reading the messages along with spying social media applications. It is used in 190+ countries around the world & trusted by billions of people. 

For its reliable & extraordinary features, big brands like Forbes, TechAdvisor, & Business Influencer have featured it multiple times. You can see whom your child is frequently messaging, read the deleted and even the undelivered messages with FoneMonitor. Just Visit this site to see who my kid is texting with and mesmerize by its amazing features.

It is a powerful web-based text message tracking solution for the parents and allows you to extract the exact information.

Part 2: Spyier

Spyier is another excellent monitoring software that helps the parents to read the text messages from the kid’s phone, assess the call information and track location. It collects all the information on the targeted phone without rooting for Android phones. 

On the other hand, if your child is using it on an iOS device, you may need to login with the iCloud credentials. Spyier is end to end encrypted, which means that you can assess and control the targeted device by staying hidden.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine helps you to view every activity your tired is performing on his phone, including SMS, location, calls, and gallery and voice notes. You can secretly view the screenshots taken and even the listed audio from the phone.

Spyine also helps you to get the information of all the incoming and outgoing messages in the form of our conversation, just like that the SMS screen appears on Android or iPhone. You can also view other details like time, date and day when the message was received or sent.

Part 4: Minspy

Minspy is another reading spy app that targets the SMS and helps to view other phone activities. Read all the files and load them to the dashboard, keeping them safe for a long time. You can assess the device data anytime, anywhere, using this application. But Minspy’s subscription plans need renewal, which can be an expensive option.

Part 5: Spyic

Spyic offers many useful features such as social media monitoring, read text messages, track location, and the indication of cyberbullying. You can view what your child is doing online, also easily view & read text along with the contact details of the other person. Spyic offers different subscription plans along with a free trial.

Part 6: Neatspy

Neatspy is a SMS tracking and monitoring application which easily extracts the information from both iOS and non iOS devices. All you need is an active internet and the required information about the targeted device to assess the secret information. You can view the received, sent, deleted and drafted messages with Neatspy application.

Part 7: Teensafe

Teensafe is a Parental control application that helps the parents to view the child’s online activity along with identifying the potential dangers. It also helps to view the text messages and location. It provides the location data of the past 30 days to show where your kids have been. You can also use Teenspy to block certain sites containing inappropriate content, making mobile phones much safer for your kids.

Part 8: Spyzie

Spyzie provides you the information about the text messages, calls, locations and blocks certain applications and websites. You can read the text message conversation in view photos or the location share through them with this application. Moreover, you can sync all the contacts and get notified quickly if some unapproved connection contacts your child.

Part 9: ClickFree

ClickFree offers much more when it comes to reading text messages. But it is helpful to block the inappropriate content in real-time, block certain apps which are time-consuming or contain adult content, monitor WhatsApp, track location, and remotely manage your kid’s activity online anytime, anywhere.

Part 10: Cocospy

Cocospy provides information about all the phone activities helping the parents to keep their kids safe online. It helps to spy on the text messages, call logs, GPS location and the browsing history. Widgets have you make the contacts list and access social media applications to view your child’s activity. When it comes to text messages, Cocospy helps you to read the sent, received and deleted messages.


As a parent, it is your right to know home your child is texting, and it is in touch with. This not only helps you to protect your child from any danger but also prevents your family from facing any difficult situation. Therefore, it is always the best to choose a spy app that offers you all in one feature at affordable prices.