Fitbit Ionic Review: Fitness Smartwatch That Can Reinvent Health


Priced at INR 22,990

Ionic – Fitbit’s first real smartwatch is a promising debut, featuring a shiny new operating system built with Pebble’s expertise.


Big Highlights

Bright and wonderful display

Pretty long battery life

Comprehensive fitness features

Swim tracking

The Fitbit Ionic is the company’s first real smartwatch with a complete set of features that put this product well ahead of the competition when it comes to accurately tracking fitness activities and helping you live a healthy life.

As the company’s legacy goes – Fitbit continues to excel at keeping tabs on your fitness, and the Ionic is a great effort in this direction – this is a capable gym, running or swimming companion (and coach).

Powered by its set of sensors – the Ionic’s comprehensive set of tools and long-lasting battery makes it a great fitness tracker and can be your favorite companion to achieve and maintain great fitness levels.


First and foremost thing – the Fitbit Ionic looks a lot better in person than it does in pictures, trust me! The Ionic’s geometric design and squarish face make it a perfect match on your wrist.

When it comes to the design part – Fitbit has taken care of the aesthetics so that this smartwatch fits with the rest of its product line – quite seamlessly.

Fitbit Ionic comes with a body and screen that are curved in a very subtle manner. Because of this design feature – the watch hugs the wrist in a unique manner – keeping the heart rate sensor perfectly in place during workouts and during sleep as well. this may be the biggest secret of considerably increasing the accuracy of this product as well.

During the time we reviewed this – I found its display to be quite brilliantly amazing. The 1.42-inch, 348 x 250 screen is sharp, colorful and bright enough to read in direct sunlight.

This is also a responsive display and doesn’t lag when I swipe through menus and lists of notifications. And all in all – the Fitbit Ionic looks and feels refreshingly solid, thanks to its clear & beautiful screen and its premium build quality.

Another interesting feature is the ability to play music from the watch’s 4GB of internal storage system. There are two ways to do this: via the Pandora app (if you have a paid Premium account) or transferring files from your PC.

When it comes to apps – Fitbit pre-installs about a dozen to start you off, that includes – alarms, weather, music, timers and Today (which shows you a snapshot of your progress toward daily step and calorie goals). This smartwatch supports installation of third-party apps but the overall universe of this app ecosystem is still developing and growing.

Fitbit Ionic comes with highly evolved fitness tracker capabilities. I used it to track multiple sessions on a bike, while running and doing multiple fitness activities – the devices gives you accurate readings of your activities and can be the best fitness companion for you.

I personally like the Coach feature, which guides you through workouts on your wrist. After each set, the Ionic buzzes to let you know that you can stop and move on to the next exercise.

Final Verdict

Fitbit has done a marvelous job in terms of creating Ionic – which excels at fitness-tracking features. The Ionic’s long-lasting battery, its superb looks and the fact that it effortlessly supports five or six days of active usage before needing a charge –  makes this a truly wonderful product and beats basically every other product in the category.

Zia Askari
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