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Most individuals who work with computers know about phishing. They may realize that it’s a rather insidious way for a hacker to try and...

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Changes in the external business environment, for example, the emergence of new market needs, technological innovation, competition, force organizations to respond to adapt to...

Samsung Debuts Fingerprint Security IC for Biometric Payment Cards

Samsung Electronics, a global enabler in advanced semiconductor technology, has introduced its new fingerprint security IC (integrated circuit) ─ S3B512C ─ with enhanced security...

Rogers Adding Critical Connectivity Along Highway 4 in B.C.

Rogers is expanding its wireless network along Highway 4 in B.C. The project, fully funded by Rogers, will improve cellular coverage for workers, travellers,...

Trends and Predictions 2022 | Innovations and Disruptions

Trends and Predictions 2022 | As we have learned our way of living in a pandemic era - technology-led, digital transformation, mass acceptance of...