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For decades, TV was the king of home entertainment, with at least one TV set (if not several) in practically every home. Then the...

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Aviat Networks Debuts High Availability Routing Software

Aviat Networks, Inc., an enabler in wireless transport solutions, has announced High Availability (HA) routing software for the CTR 8740. Aviat is now one...

Swisscom Reveals StartUp Challenge cyber security winners

The Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2021 was open to cyber security start-ups. It was won by, CAOS, Code Intelligence, CYSEC, Grip Security and xorlab -...

Tata Communications offers pay-as-you-go feature on Ethernet services

Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler, offers ‘Bandwidth-on-Demand’ (BoD) feature on Ethernet services, delivering flexibility, improving end-user experience, and bringing cost efficiency. This...