OPPO Joins the HEVC Advance Patent Pool


Access Advance, an independent licensing administrator, today announced that OPPO, a smart device company, has become a licensee of the HEVC Advance Patent Pool.

OPPO will gain access to the over 13,000 (and counting) worldwide patents essential for implementing the HEVC/H.265 video codec standard.

“OPPO’s joining our HEVC Advance program is an important endorsement, and we are excited to welcome them,” said Access Advance CEO, Peter Moller. “As a leading smart device company with some of the best-selling products and brands in the world, OPPO’s investment in research, innovation and intellectual property has made it a leading contributor in the development of many next-generation standards in the telecommunication and media industry, including VVC, the next generation video codec. We look forward to OPPO’s participation in our HEVC program and having their support in our VVC program as well.”

“HEVC Advance is a collaborative patent platform that balances the interest of both licensees and licensors, and takes FRAND principles seriously,” said Adler Feng, Senior Director of Intellectual Property at OPPO. “OPPO is very pleased to join the HEVC Advance Patent Pool, and looks forward to promoting the healthy development of the industry with our worldwide partners.”