Calix Partners with Arlo to Offer Ultimate Home Experience with Revenue EDGE


Calix, Inc. has announced the addition of a internet-connected camera brand Arlo Technologies, Inc. to the expanding ecosystem of Revenue EDGE solutions.

Calix will offer the revenue-generating Arlo connected camera solution as part of EDGE Suites so communications service providers (CSP) can deliver industry-leading video monitoring and do-it-yourself (DIY) security to their subscribers.

This new offering will be fully integrated into the Calix Cloud® platform, meaning CSPs can quickly go to market with almost zero integration (as the new service is pre-integrated into Calix Support Cloud) and achieve the highest level of sales success through the power of real-time behavioral data with Calix Marketing Cloud.

The Arlo offering is particularly exciting for CSPs that have invested in fiber networks as it allows subscribers to add a powerful service that leverages the upload potential of a symmetrical fiber offering.

Arlo is a pioneer in the industry and provides wireless connected cameras, floodlights, and video doorbells to help consumers secure people and their property. By leveraging connected camera capabilities from Arlo through the EDGE Suites, CSPs can expand their services via a fully managed experience that leverages the existing EDGE Suite offerings (such as ProtectIQ™)for device security. With the addition of the Arlo offering to the Revenue EDGE solution, a CSP will be able to:

Offer a sticky, high-demand service that will delight the subscriber, grow revenue, and reduce churn.

Leverage the real-time behavioral analytics in Calix Marketing Cloud to identify broadband subscribers with a high propensity to buy connected cameras.

Leverage Calix Support Cloud to ensure that connectivity is maintained to the cameras, validate device health, and help maintain account status.

Add a service that leverages the upload strength of a full symmetric fiber network and encourages subscribers to upgrade their service to improve the home experience.

“Arlo’s mission is to provide peace of mind and our strategic partnership with Calix will enable even wider distribution to the communities serviced by their strong network of CSPs,” said Matt McRae, CEO of Arlo. “Our solutions featuring award-winning devices and the SmartCloud platform provide best-in-class smart security solutions to their customers that already trust Calix and the CSPs to deliver connected and secure Wi-Fi solutions.”

EDGE Suites, which are managed through the CommandIQ™ app, allow subscribers to control the in-home experience while ensuring CSPs easily differentiate the experiences and deliver valuable, custom services to the palm of their subscribers. The Revenue EDGE Partner Ecosytem is built on the foundation of the first two EDGE Suites, ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ™. The addition of Arlo marks a significant expansion of the community.

“During the pandemic we’ve seen an explosion in the need for symmetrical fiber broadband to support multiple connected devices as people work and learn from home,” says Michael Weening, EVP and chief operating officer for Calix. “By adding Arlo to the Revenue EDGE Partner Ecosystem, we’re enabling our customers to tap yet another service that expands their relationship with the subscriber while demonstrating the power of their fiber broadband network. In fact, our customer WCTEL has used this strategy to delight subscribers and realize 31 percent year-over-year revenue growth. The Calix Marketing Cloud will enable CSPs to use real-time behavioral analytics to segment their broadband subscribers into those who are likely to buy and those who will not, ensuring the maximum ROI on their marketing dollar and the highest possible sales success. By partnering with the Calix Marketing Cloud Customer Success team and leveraging the brand elevating EDGE Enablement program, any CSP can launch powerful, targeted campaigns that drive upsell in days, while CommandIQ and Calix Support Cloud deliver the ultimate managed experience. That is the true power of the Revenue EDGE solution and we are very excited to bring Arlo and our CSP partners together to win in the market.”