Ooredoo Taps PhazeRo as its Digital Services Partner

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Committed to supporting national talent, Ooredoo has signed with local tech start-up PhazeRo as one of its digital services development partners.

The budding Omani SME will provide tech stack development for Ooredoo’s IT teams, with Ooredoo drawing on PhazeRo’s team of highly-qualified Omani experts. The collaboration is another way in which Ooredoo is supporting the Sultanate’s digital transformation and building a tech workforce fit for the future.

Digital Transformation Innovation

Ahmed Abdullah Al Abri, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Ooredoo, said, “At Ooredoo we ‘live’ digital, and we are always working on enhancing our internal operations and processes by using the wealth of local talent around us. By onboarding a 100% Omani SME, we are not only supporting a very valuable part of the economy, but are fulfilling our own, and the wider country’s vision, to become a digital and knowledge-based society, so its win-win.”

Ooredoo Ups its Digital Leadership Signing with Local Start-Up PhazeRoPhazeRo offers a full suite of IT-related services including digital consulting, software development and talent onboarding, while focusing on building the region’s largest engineering team out of local software talent. Backed by leading venture capital investors with decades of regional and industry experience, it aims to scale a commercially viable full-stack software engineering firm that focuses on bridging the divide between capabilities demanded by industry and Oman’s high-potential local talent.

Masoud Al Rawahi, Co-founder of PhazeRo, added, “Helping organisations maximise their tech capabilities is something that we’re passionate about and we are already serving a number of clients, education and developer organizations to be faster, smarter and better. Large companies like Ooredoo play an important role in fostering the Sultanate’s young entrepreneurs, and likewise, we have a valuable contribution to make. We look forward to developing the relationship and contributing to a smarter, more digital world.”

Through a longstanding commitment to Oman’s burgeoning entrepreneurial community, Ooredoo has embarked on a number of collaborations, in addition to its SME-focused CSR initiatives that help them to unlock their full potential, while contributing to the Sultanate’s overall economic development.