NTSCOM Picks Dubber for Unified Recording & Conversational Intelligence


Dubber Corporation Limited, the conversational intelligence and unified recording platform for service providers and their customers globally, announced that it has signed an agreement with NTSCOM. NTSCOM is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and delivers services across the United States and internationally.

Dubber will further elevate NTSCOM offerings to automate conversational intelligence and unified recording, extending its ability to bring innovative solutions to Microsoft Teams. With a broad installed base spanning government, education, and healthcare sectors – all heavily regulated industries – Dubber’s compliant conversational intelligence will ensure regulatory mandates are met and the insights contained revealed.


Michael Abenhaim, Dubber SVP of Americas, said, “Dubber’s service, integrated with iPILOT, will be seamlessly provisioned with NTSCOM offerings and Microsoft Teams, enabling Dubber to be uniquely delivered as a service so that NTSCOM, its customers, and partners can switch on and deliver value immediately.

NTSCOM is an important component of our service provider partnership strategy and we aim to become a key attribute to their success. By coming together, we provide the key value differentiation customers are looking for, and service providers require, to continue meeting the needs of the quickly evolving telecommunications landscape. Everyone at Dubber and NTSCOM is very excited by this new partnership.”

Aaron Barnes, NTSCOM CEO, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Dubber as their solutions are a natural fit into our current offerings and are immediately available from our network. We have already commenced deploying Dubber services into major enterprise accounts such as TD SYNNEX and Konica Minolta.

While compliance recording and analytics are integral to furthering our customers’ experience, we’re equally excited about the opportunity to address the need for automated workflows and productivity based insights on Dubber. Adoption of the Dubber platform illustrates NTSCOM’s commitment to delivering the best-in-industry solutions to enhance our customer experiences.”

NTSCOM was established in 1988, and now with over 200+ employees nationally and the #1 MSP for Nuwave’s iPILOT, we are here to help enhance and contribute to the growth of the tech world in the best way possible.

As a Microsoft Operator Connect partner, NTSCOM has over 20 years of experience in the carrier industry. Together with iPILOT, NTSCOM automates both Direct Routing and Operator Connect capabilities for carrier-hosted session boarder controllers (SBCs), on-premises SIP trunks, or bring-your-own SBCs, carriers, and operators.

NTSCom is a Global telecom solutions provider, together with its subsidiaries and partners operate as an Integrated Communications Service Provider. NTSCom provides a range of communications services for business telecom channels.

NTSCom’s services include Local and Long distance, Toll-Free, SMS / MMS, Voice, Internet access, Broadband and our first in class provisioning tool, iPilot.

NTSCom is headquartered in Las Vegas, services are delivered across the United States, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia via our vast cloud network. In addition, we offer termination and origination, International Termination, local and long-distance voice telephone services.

Dubber enables Service Providers to unlock the potential of the network – turning every conversation into an exponential source of value for differentiated innovation, retention, and revenue. Listed on the ASX, Dubber is the clear market leader in conversational intelligence and unified recording – embedded at the heart of over 175 service provider networks.