JPIX picks Cisco, Qwilt to Advance Streaming Media Delivery


Cisco and Qwilt announced a new partnership with Japan Internet Exchange Co. Ltd. (JPIX), one of the largest internet exchanges in Japan, to improve the quality and delivery capacity of live streaming, video-on-demand, and media applications across Japan using Qwilt’s open caching technology.

JPIX provides an environment for interconnection between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content providers across Japan, enabling optimization of traffic between transit services and internet exchanges. With over 250 customers – including ISPs, CATV operators, Network Service Providers (NSPs), content providers, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), cloud providers, and media providers – JPIX is one of Japan’s largest internet exchanges in terms of traffic volume and the number of customers connected.

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Through the company’s partnership with Cisco and Qwilt, JPIX will deploy Qwilt’s Edge Cloud for Content Delivery solution in the heart of its exchange network. The deployment will allow service providers, including CATV operators, CDNs, and content publishers throughout Japan to enjoy the benefits of Qwilt’s solution for content delivery. JPIX is already recruiting and onboarding content publishers to utilize the service, with J-Stream – one of Japan’s pre-eminent streaming companies with the largest market share in Japanese online video consumption – being one of the first. J-Stream will use Qwilt’s open caching-based solution running on Cisco’s edge infrastructure to improve the quality of its streaming media delivery in Japan.

Ryosuke Yamazoe, CEO at JPIX, said: “Internet usage is growing rapidly year-on-year as consumers demand more, and higher quality, content experiences across live streaming, video-on-demand, and other media applications. With quality of experience being a top priority for our customers, we’re excited to collaborate with Cisco and Qwilt to ensure Japan’s premier content publishers have the necessary infrastructure to deliver top-quality experiences. The partnership offers a better way to deliver all types of content, affording us greater capacity and reliability in our internet exchange environment while ensuring Japan’s internet users receive the best quality.”

Mayumi Hayasaka, Operating Officer at Platform Business Headquarters at J-Stream, said: “J-Stream is synonymous with streaming in Japan. We are proud of our heritage as the first company to offer streaming services in Japan in 1997. Our commitment to providing high quality streaming at scale across Japan is what drives our business and operations. For this reason, we are excited about Qwilt’s plans to partner with JPIX to enhance streaming experiences in Japan. We are planning to use the Qwilt platform as an essential component of our content delivery infrastructure. Together with JPIX, we look forward to enabling the future of content delivery.”

By joining Cisco and Qwilt’s global alliance of service provider partners and employing Qwilt’s Open Edge Cloud for Content Delivery solution, JPIX establishes a distributed layer of content caching resources that delivers media and applications closer to consumers. The partnership enables JPIX to significantly improve the quality of all streaming media on its exchange, while increasing capacity for live streaming, video-on-demand, and other media sources. JPIX can rapidly scale while accommodating new digital services and experiences, including media and website delivery.

Theodore Tzevelekis, VP, Cisco said: “Together with Qwilt, we are thrilled to offer a solution that will not only help JPIX meet the requirements for delivering high-quality content today but can serve as a foundation to meet the growing trends and requirements for future media, such as volumetric streaming. Whether it’s video, virtual reality or other streaming content, we are committed to helping enable exceptional quality of experience for every viewer.”

Alon Maor, CEO, Qwilt, said: “JPIX’s internet exchange environment is the heart of Japan’s internet-based streaming, making it an exciting and unique addition to our global alliance of service providers. By partnering with Cisco and Qwilt, JPIX gains access to the powerful benefits of open caching technology, allowing them to deliver a new level of quality to consumers throughout the country. We’re excited to support JPIX as it continues to play a central role in Japan’s growing internet usage while opening new revenue opportunities across the content delivery value chain.”