New Zealand’s Chorus Selects CSG Singleview to Support its Wholesale Operations


CSG International, a global provider of interactive transaction-driven solutions and services, has announced that Chorus, New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company, has selected CSG Singleview to support its wholesale operations.

Chorus delivers ultra-fast broadband to more than 830,000 homes and businesses across New Zealand through its wholesale channels. Around 1.8 million lines are connected to homes and businesses throughout the country.

Chorus previously used CSG Singleview to support its wholesale operations while part of Telecom New Zealand. In December 2011, Chorus became a separate entity, listing on the New Zealand stock exchange. The company now operates in its own right and is responsible for its own business infrastructure, and chose CSG Singleview to support its continuing evolution.

“We chose CSG because of their proven ability to provide operational stability and rich wholesale support capabilities for Chorus and our partners,” said Ewen Powell, chief technology officer, at Chorus. “During a time when Chorus is incurring capital costs for network deployment, CSG worked with us to create an agreement that aligns with the dynamics of our business as well as the New Zealand marketplace.”

“CSG has a proven track record of delivering market-leading solutions to support the world’s most progressive networks such as New Zealand’s ultra-fast broadband backbone,” said Ian Watterson, vice president and managing director of Asia-Pacific for CSG. “We understand the importance of providing value to all our customers’ stakeholders—from their end-users to their shareholders. We work closely with them to ensure they have the best possible total cost of ownership model for their business support systems.”