EE debuts European roaming for all customers at no extra cost

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As part of its mission to offer the best experience for UK mobile customers, EE has announced that all existing pay monthly and pay as you go customers will soon enjoy roaming to 47 European destinations at no extra charge.

EE is also launching a new range of 4GEE Max plans, designed to offer the ultimate roaming experience for customers with more inclusive destinations worldwide than any other UK network.

Inclusive roaming for existing EE pay monthly and pay as you go customers

From 15 June, all existing EE pay monthly and pay as you go customers will enjoy inclusive roaming to 47 European destinations as part of their mobile, mobile broadband or tablet allowance.

Existing customers, whether in or outside of their contract period, will benefit from inclusive roaming at no extra cost and will receive an SMS to let them know of the changes to their plan, as well as a reminder when they switch their phone on abroad.

Customers that would like to benefit from inclusive roaming before June can sign up at any time to one of EE’s new plans without affecting their upgrade dates or length of contract.

New 4GEE Max plans

EE is also introducing a new range of 4GEE Max plans on 10 May for new and upgrading customers. The new plans allow customers to use their UK call, text and data allowances across 52 destinations, more than any other network, including Europe1 as well as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand – which covers over 80% of time EE customers spend overseas.

Now EE 4GEE Max customers can video call from LA, or live-stream Sydney Harbour in HD at no extra cost with their UK allowances. 4GEE Max customers also get access to our fastest available 4G speeds abroad with 125 EE partner networks.

4GEE Max plans also come with EE’s largest mobile data allowances as well as the UK’s fastest 4G speeds, 4G in more places across the UK than any other operator and inclusive access to the BT Sport app for the duration of the plan.

On the new 4GEE Max plans customers can now get the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship handset for just £9.99 on a £62.99 per month, 24 month plan which offers unlimited calls, unlimited text and a whopping 25GB of data.

EE CEO Marc Allera said, “Our customers want to be able to stay connected whether they’re travelling around the UK or abroad. We go further to provide our customers with 4G in more places across the UK than any other operator, and we’re offering inclusive roaming in more destinations as well – so our customers can stay in touch whether they’re lying on a beach in the Mediterranean, checking out the latest restaurants in New York, or hiking in New Zealand.”

EE is also launching new 4GEE plans, which offer inclusive roaming in 47 European destinations. 4GEE plans offer unlimited UK minutes and texts, generous data allowances and superfast 4G speeds. Finally, EE is also offering new entry level 4GEE Essential plans, designed to provide customers with the most affordable access to 4G speeds on the UK’s biggest 4G network2.

EE’s new 4GEE plans are available with a wide range of 4G handsets or as a SIM only plan. SIM only plans are perfect for those who already have a phone and start from as little as £10.99**. EE is also introducing the same roaming benefits for its mobile broadband and tablet plans for new and upgrading customers from 1 June.

No unexpected data bills

EE mobile customers are always in control of their spend, with best-in-class usage alerts which inform them when they’re near the end of their data allowances, and data caps – so unlike some networks they can never run up an unexpected bill. Whether at home or abroad, customers are put in control of exactly how much data they use.

More benefits for EE customers

In addition to using their standard allowances abroad, customers with a free data boost as part of their pay as you go pack or pay monthly data boost with their EE home broadband plan will be able to use their additional data when they travel abroad as well as in the UK.

When combined with the latest smartphones and tablets, EE customers benefit from a 4G network which covers more than 75% of the UK landmass – more than any other 4G or 3G network in the UK. EE’s superfast network has the most 4G capacity and the fastest network speeds, boosted by 4G+ in the UK’s busiest towns and cities. EE also offers WiFi Calling and 4G Calling on select devices and plans, allowing customers with enabled handsets to call and text in more places across the UK. EE aims to cover 95% of the UK landmass with 4G by 2020.

EE customers also benefit from 100% UK and Ireland based call centres, a newly updated My EE app, which provides people with even more flexibility and control over their account, including checking data usage, available allowances and add-ons, as well as getting advice on everything from how to pay their bills to checking their balance on-the-go.

EE customers can also access the innovative EE Network Status Checker tool that provides real-time and personal updates to customers about network performance. Customers can set tailored alerts for places that are important to them, such as their place of work, their home or the home of a loved one, and they will receive personalised alerts if there are network issues.