Verizon 5G Trials: Mimosa Calls for Industry to Use sub-6GHz Spectrum


Close on the heels of announcement by Verizon to go for fixed customer trials for 5G across USA, Mimosa is suggesting that sub-6GHz spectrum can help Verizon maximize coverage and capacity for 5G rollout.

Commenting on this development, Jaime Fink, Co-Founder & CPO, Mimosa, said that, whereas 4G was a pure mobile play, it is now evident that 5G will initially be deployed purely for fixed wireless applications.

“Verizon’s 5G fixed customer trials will deliver connectivity in the 28GHz, mmWave frequency bands, however, the viability of these bands should be scrutinised for both mobile and fixed applications.” he said.

“Delivering mmWave broadband connectivity in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments, such as suburban and urban areas, is extremely problematic over the last quarter mile. This is because signals can be affected by environmental factors such as foliage and solid constructions, typical in suburban areas, where almost 80% of the US citizens reside.

“Rather than using the challenging, unproven mmWave channels for 5G, the industry should use the sub-6GHz spectrum bands, which have incredible propagation characteristics through foliage and construction materials. New spectrum reuse technologies are emerging which can coordinate transmissions across various unlicensed and licensed spectrum bands, while reducing interference. This new 5G fixed wireless technology is poised for widespread use in high density neighborhoods.” he added.