Will Mobile Gambling Overtake Console Gambling


Over the past couple of decades, gambling has evolved to become one of the most prominent modes of entertainment across the globe.

Like any other industry, the gambling world has provided a wide array of options for gamblers to indulge in the activity according to their preference. This has created numerous niches of gamblers who lean towards a specific way that they enjoy their gaming.

Of all the gaming methods that are provided, mobile and console gambling stand out as the most popular of them all. These two modes of gaming are completely different from each other and come with different experiences. Even so, each of these methods has – and still is – undergoing massive changes that provide unique ways for gamers to enjoy their games.

Mobile Gambling Overview

Looking back ten years ago, mobile gaming was unheard of: five years ago, the practice was still in its toddler stage and had not peaked to encompass a large number of gamblers. Today, on the other hand, virtual gaming stands as the most popular mode in the world.

With this mode, all one requires is a smartphone or tablet device that has a steady internet connection and they are good to go. The option comes with a wide array of games to enjoy such as:

  • Slot games
  • Video games
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Video Poker
  • Craps
  • Keno, etc.

The most popular gaming indulgent on the mobile gambling platform is that of the casino industry. Being a huge part of the entertainment business, the casino industry was among the first to notice the potential of the virtual market and made a move to establish itself there. The first virtual casinos were established in 2013, and the number has risen to staggering thousands today. Some of the most popular online gaming establishments include:

  • Slotozilla
  • Casumo Casino
  • Royal Panda Casino
  • Thrills Casino
  • Mr Green Casino
  • Slot Heaven casino
  • Vegas Casino
  • Guts Casino
  • Royal Vegas Casino, etc.

Console Gambling Overview

Console gaming was introduced back in 1972, and it featured the simplicity of only three dots and one line. This first generation was not as widely embraced due to the lack of exciting features such as sound and interesting gameplay. However, this problem was solved in the second generation release that saw the addition of gambling options and sound racks. The release of the second edition games went hand in hand with the peak of arcade games, which made them all the more popular.

However, this industry crashed around 1983 due to the reduction in these devices’ production costs, which led to the massive production of the devices. This saw most producing companies go out of business due to the release of poor quality games that were not making enough sales to keep the industry running. The market peaked again not long after due to the introduction of personal computers that made it easier for a player to play. However, this time around, producing companies restricted the production of these devices by other parties to avoid another mass production.

Today, it is estimated that well over fifty percent households in America alone have these devices, and use them to indulge in video gaming. Even though the devices may seem like they require a lot to run and restricting in terms of moving around with, they still account for a huge niche of players in the gambling industry.

Mobile Gambling vs. Console Gambling

Console gambling, having been introduced before, has seen more users across the globe than its virtual counterpart. However, mobile gaming is recording fast popularity among gamers that is sure to reach and surpass that of the former. In 2016, the mobile gaming market recorded higher revenue than that of the console for the very first time.

According to research, this revenue trend is bound to keep up. As the virtual gaming market seems to garner more popularity with every waking day, the console gaming preference seems to be losing its touch. Some of the biggest manufacturers such as Nintendo have recorded poor revenue collection since mobile gaming gained popularity.

Mobile gambling seems to be taking the lead due to a few reasons including:

  • Convenience: smartphone and tablet devices come with us almost everywhere we go: whether it’s to the office, restaurant, or on the bus. This makes it easier for gamers to enjoy their favorite games wherever they are. The console, on the other hand, has to be connected to a screen to operate, which means one is limited to gaming at home or any other establishment that offers the same.
  • Wide array of games: with the console, the player is limited to only playing games that come with the device, or those that are from the same provider and are compatible with the tool. With smartphone and tablet gameplays, however, gamblers have thousands of choices at their feet.
  • Freedom of choice: virtual gaming allows gamblers to move from one casino or game from a specific online gaming software provider to another with the click of a button. Console gambling, however, one can only enjoy the games from the manufacturer. The preference of games from another provider will require one to purchase other compact discs.

Mobile gaming is definitely taking over console gambling, and it is happening at a very high rate. The mobile platform has seen numerous technological advancements that have allowed the gaming platform to grow and reach more people across the globe. Even so, some of the major console manufacturers such as FIFA have merged with the mobile gaming world to provide games that incorporate both platforms.