Vodafone unwraps new portfolio of cybersecurity products for UK enterprises


Vodafone has launched a new portfolio of cybersecurity products to protect UK enterprises, public sector organisations, and critical national infrastructure providers from cybercrime.

The new security service, known as Business Security Enhanced, is delivered by a dedicated Vodafone security team, which has been providing expert security services and solutions to Government and defence customers since 1989. To ensure the greatest levels of security and resilience, every element of the service is run from in-house secure data centres.

This year has shown the importance of technology to society and the economy. With more people accessing sensitive data in remote locations due to the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile technology, proactive and constantly evolving cybersecurity strategies have become critical.

The new service from Vodafone UK will have three offerings to cover the breadth of risks affecting large operations:

Cyber Enhanced: A high-performance cybersecurity solution that brings together cybersecurity experts and military-grade technology. Vodafone can offer customisable levels of managed services to allow in-house cybersecurity teams to focus on proactive security measures.

IoT Enhanced: Secure-by-design IoT solutions, custom-built to incorporate the nuances of each customer’s business. On-shore support and storage solutions to meet data sovereignty requirements in the UK.

Mobile Enhanced: Services include end-to-end encryption, smart automation and centralised control, on-shore data storage and support from military-grade mobile and cyber security specialists.
Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK, said: “Cybersecurity now goes hand-in-hand with connectivity. Every industry needs connectivity, so every industry needs to protect themselves from cybercrime.

“We have more than 30 years of experience working in some of the most sensitive and critical areas, and now we’re making our skills, knowledge and technology available to enterprises across the UK.”