Vodafone, Ericsson showcase 5G monetization possibilities at MWC

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Vodafone and Ericsson have teamed up to present a joint cloud gaming/eSport demonstration that illustrates the ingredients essential to 5G monetization. The demonstration will see visitors to the Ericsson stand at MWC test their skills at the HADO augmented reality game against teams at Vodafone’s 5G Lab in Madrid over a high performance 5G Network.

Between February 27 and March 2, visitors to Ericsson’s Hall 2 stand at MWC or to the Vodafone 5G Lab in Madrid, will be able to experience the speed and capacity of 5G networks through the augmented reality-based HADO techno-sport.

An Augmented Reality sport, HADO involves players on opposing teams wielding virtual energy balls and shields on a real-world court. The fast-paced game between players at the two locations will be enabled by the high—performance connectivity between Vodafone’s 5G Network in Madrid, and Ericsson’s 5G network based in its MWC stand in Barcelona.

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Alongside other demonstrations at the Ericsson stand, the game will help to showcase the key ingredients in 5G monetization; 5G Standalone, Network Slicing and Exposure. With these three elements, a whole new world of monetization possibilities becomes available for Communication Service Providers.

Vodafone at Ericsson at MWC

5G Standalone with Network Slicing delivers performance and assurance, and Exposure of both the Network and Services will open up the network to different ecosystems such as gaming providers.

This collaboration between both brands reinforces their commitment to explore and promote different avenues and ideas for 5G monetization that they established with the inauguration of Vodafone 5G Lab in 2021, located at the operator’s headquarters in Madrid.