VIAVI Unveils NITRO – the real-time Intelligence Platform


VIAVI Solutions, has unveiled the first intelligence platform that automatically delivers real-time test and measurement data from network instruments directly to software-based planning, provisioning, assurance and optimization applications.

VIAVI’s new NITRO™ platform helps service providers and enterprises reduce costs and complexity while optimizing performance throughout the entire network lifecycle. Working seamlessly across mobile, fiber, cable, cloud and enterprise networks, this platform maximizes the value of current investments in VIAVI instruments and software solutions, presently deployed by over 200 network operators globally.

Leveraging their current VIAVI installed base enables customers to cost-effectively manage their migration from today’s static network deployments to next-generation, policy-based automated dynamic networks. The first solution in this new family is NITRO vNet Fusion offering virtual test, service activation and performance monitoring.

Communications networks worldwide are striving to meet consumer demand for services that are always on, always available, and connected across all devices and touchpoints.

The race is on to deliver gigabit internet via FTTH, DOCSIS 3.1 and Gfast, as well as over mobile networks towards 5G. To evolve these networks while growing revenues and managing costs, the industry is deploying hybrid IT, ultra-dense, massively scalable, cloud-enabled networks that are both virtualized and policy-based automated, which can deliver the required intelligence, low latency, and high bandwidth to enable these ubiquitous services – today and in the future.

Based on requirements from its customer base of Tier-1 service providers, enterprises and network equipment manufacturers, VIAVI has developed NITRO™ ¬– the Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics and Optimization technology platform.

NITRO is the first intelligence platform that connects real-time testing and activation data from network instruments with software-based planning, provisioning, assurance and optimization probes and applications, creating a unique end-to-end view of the network lifecycle. In this way, NITRO addresses the needs of today’s separate business teams, plus the evolution to automated end-to-end service delivery, in the same common platform.

NITRO will be the foundation for four distinct solution sets:

  • NITRO vNet — Virtual Service Activation and Performance
  • NITRO Enterprise — Enterprise and Cloud Network Performance
  • NITRO Mobile — Mobile Intelligence, Assurance and Optimization
  • NITRO TechFlow — Automated Technician Workflow

Today, VIAVI is announcing NITRO vNet Fusion, a next-generation virtual Ethernet lifecycle management solution for test, service activation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting on all network layers. Fusion provides a valuable set of tools that deliver repeatable, standards-based test methodologies to monitor and ensure network performance and verify Service Level Agreements in both virtual and legacy mixed networks.

Leveraging the VIAVI instruments and physical test infrastructure, Fusion enables service providers and enterprises to resolve customer complaints faster, increase customer satisfaction with Ethernet and IP services, divert technician truck rolls with helpdesk based remote testing, and reduce technician coordination for RFC6349-compliant TrueSpeed tests.

“NITRO leverages intelligence gathered throughout the entire network and across the service lifecycle to overcome the increasingly complex challenges presented by evolving physical, virtualized, and hybrid networks,” said Paul McNab, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, VIAVI Solutions. “With a common platform that introduces greater automation, real-time analytics and virtualization, NITRO enables service providers and enterprises to reduce complexity and manual intervention while maximizing the value they gain from the broad line of scalable VIAVI test and measurement instruments and software, including their current VIAVI installed base.”