Verizon enhances text spam protection with messaging platform

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Verizon has enhanced its text spam protection with messaging platform.

The company is working overtime to protect its ciustomers from annoying spam. On the heels of launching Call Filter, an app which helps identify and block robocalls, the company is now preparing to launch enhancements to our commercial text messaging platform.

This new platform will improve spam protections while continuing to enable commercial providers of SMS text messages capacity at scale. This enhanced platform should go live in about a month.

These enhancements will provide a better customer experience while further reducing the ability for spammers to use personal messaging platforms for spam or phishing attacks. This new platform uses a full 10-digit telephone number to help you recognize who is texting you.

As part of this effort, as Verizon announced earlier this year, it is  continuing to ensure that Pre-K and K-12 schools can use free text messaging service programs.