UTStarcom, China Mobile Launch goBox – 5G-powered Smart Commercial Refrigerator

China Mobile Logo

UTStarcom, a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, today announced that the company launched the goBox, its first 5G-powered smart commercial refrigerator.

The launch was done together with China Mobile Group Zhejiang Company Limited. (Hangzhou).

The goBox smart vending machine creates a new way of shopping by not only enhancing the buying experience, but also driving greater consumption per transaction. Consumers can confirm their identity through facial recognition without carrying a mobile phone, and then open the door to pick their favorite products and close the door to complete payment. This seemingly simple shopping process is enabled by a powerful system platform supported by 5G, mobile cloud and artificial intelligence.

Mobile payment is now ubiquitous due to fast 4G networks, but the power of 5G is poised to eliminate the need for the phone, replacing it with facial recognition. 5G-enabled smart vending machines utilize advanced biometric technology, which differs from earlier generations of facial recognition software.

The new technology collects ultra-high-definition dynamic 3D data of the human face to perform the analysis; peak data volume can reach 500Mb. With the support of high bandwidth 5G, the elapsed time from transmission to recognition can be less than one second. With the support of the 5G network, the goBox enables users to enjoy the magic of “no hassle payment.”

The application of AI in new retail can greatly enhance the shopping experience. When the customer selects a product, the goBox recognizes the chosen product by collecting real-time data through various cameras and sensors and then performing deep image recognition. Processing is accomplished by the goBox using the ultra-low latency 5G network to send imaging data into the mobile cloud, where AI software performs the analysis. Via this advanced infrastructure, product recognition speeds can reach milliseconds.

With the arrival of commercial 5G technology, China Mobile Group Zhejiang Company Limited. (Hangzhou) and UTStarcom are promoting exciting new retail solutions. The partners are creating goBox applications for high-speed rail stations, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and other fields, so that more people can enjoy the convenience of life in the 5G era. By directly promoting the rapid development of the digital economy, 5G-enabled technology will transform smart retail, improving the efficiency and quality of service of the retail industry.