TransGrid Gets Certified for MEF Carrier Ethernet (CE) 3.0 Services


TransGrid Telecommunications welcomes its MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet (CE) certification, and is delighted to be the first carrier in the Australia/New Zealand region to achieve this milestone.

The MEF 3.0 CE demonstrates TransGrid Telecommunications’ network conformance to rigorous specifications established by the industry’s defining authority for standardised network services.

Orchestration-ready MEF 3.0 CE services provide the highest level of performance, assurance, and agility available in a $60+ billion global CE services market.

The MEF 3.0 CE services framework defines the next generation of Carrier Ethernet with standardised multi-Class of Service (CoS), interconnect and manageability attributes across various service types.

From the TransGrid Carrier Ethernet (TGCE) service’s perspective, the commercial benefits come with certifying the service include:

•Growing demands in customer’s RFP and provides a point of differentiation over non-certified services
•An industry-wide recognition standard and ensures a high level of consistency and traffic prioritisation via selected CoS
•Simplifies inter-carrier connectivity and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) compatibility

TransGrid Telecommunications has put in significant focus and investment into its core network with more than 100 nodes in service using the Nokia MEF 3.0 compliant equipment, which includes the 7250 IXR, for our TransGrid Carrier Ethernet (TGCE) services.

These services provide Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet, NBN Point of Interconnect (POI) backhaul connectivity and also act as the underlying transport for our TransGrid Internet & TransGrid SD-WAN services for our enterprise, Government and wholesale customers.

TransGrid’s Head of Telecommunications, Glenn Wood said: “This is a significant milestone for our customers. Our current and future customers who purchase certified MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet services can have confidence that they conform to the highest industry standards.”

Andrew Ng, TransGrid’s Telecommunications Senior Product & Presales Manager, said: “We are delighted to be the first carrier and utility company certified for the MEF 3.0 CE in the ANZ region and also have the highest number of active qualified MEF Professional Certified members in the region.”

“This re-enforces our commitment as a viable service provider in providing alternate secure and reliable services to our customers,” said Ng.

Nan Chen, President of MEF, said: “MEF congratulates TransGrid for being the first Telecommunications service provider based in the ANZ region to achieve MEF 3.0 CE certification, demonstrating a clear commitment to deliver innovative solutions that power digital transformation.”

“Companies who purchase services from MEF 3.0 certified providers can have greater confidence that they will receive the highest levels of performance, assurance, and agility established by the world’s defining authority for standardized network services,” said Mr Chen.

Rob Mccabe, Head of Sales, Oceania, Nokia Enterprise, said: “Nokia is committed to providing world-class products and solutions, including the MEF 3.0 compliant 7750 SR and 7250 IXR, that align with TransGrid’s business objectives. We worked closely with them to assure that our solutions address their MEF 3.0 services requirements of their network infrastructure growth plans.”

“Our ability to offer simple, end-to-end solutions from the CPE (customer premise equipment) to the Core routers, under a single management system, means that TransGrid can lower their total cost of ownership and focus on gaining market share,” said Mccabe.